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Jean Lin | Happy blogger


A lot of food, some little trip, and a happy me😋

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One day☕ If there is a coffee invented and us human beings need no sleep It will be for me  Life is too short to sleep😩but u need it
23. What is the last WHAT IF you want to hear from yourself and regret 4 not trying Who knows, I might die at 30🤷‍♀️ #jeaninspires#mywanderlost#wanderingraz #wanderinaustria
Happy St. Patricks Day Ireland🍀  #mywanderlost#wanderindublin#wanderinireland
👀everything you are different  as an advantage  #jeaninspires
Morning pretty❤  Inspired by @ayla.eulalia  When coffee becomes my daily routine, that means 5 Cups are wasted by me every week and actually maybe all of them are NOT RECYCLABLE Why do I even need those disposable cups since im gonna be sitting indoor for the whole day🤷‍♀️ In not saying that I'm a super eco-friendly person, but as long as I can do it☕why not · ·  看看自己每天電腦旁邊的咖啡 竟然昨天才驚覺原來我每天都在浪費一個紙杯😨而且這些紙杯有90%的機率根本不能被回收 我並不是什麼特別熱愛保衛地球的環保天使 但是,我每天就是粘在電腦前面,根本不需要這些這麼方便的拋棄式紙杯 所以🙇‍♀️來挑戰可以愛地球多久吧  #jeaninspires
Recently going through Comfort Zone Syndrome☠ no no, not good  #mywanderlost#wanderinsalzburg#wanderinaustria
Newly discovered  ʟᴏᴠᴇ ʏᴏᴜʀsᴇʟғ  It's the key to everything Maybe not yet a better life, but a better version of yourself  #jeaninspires
On blog soon😋😋 This soothing aroma with healthy plates in Salzburg🇦🇹 #hungrywandering#wanderinaustria#wanderinsalzburg
發現我的裝死程度慢慢的… 所向匹敵.無與倫比.刀槍不入.敵動我不動☻  #mywanderlost#wanderinireland#wanderincobh
You got the Christmas lights we got the Lantern lights🔥🏮 Getting to know my culture better and better😝 Do u know why our lanterns are always red? #linkinbio  #mywanderlost#wanderintaiwan#vscotaiwan
I believe in Love at first вιтє  #hungrywandering#wanderinaustria#wanderingraz
📸Don't ignore the most random surroundings  #mywanderlost #wanderintaiwan
I have 2 winter jackets One is warm but not a good choice for picture The other is as seen on me but you won't take it as a winter Jacket But I know this trip I'm gonna take tonssss of pic so u know which one I wore🙄🙄 Warm can wait🙃  #jeaninspires#mywanderlost#wanderinaustria
Change your perspective and make this moment worthy📸 The day I took this foto I'm tired and bored af, but this photo changed the story Its all about your point of view💛  #mywanderlost#wanderintaiwan#wanderinnantou
If you're asking for advice about where to go, what to do during Chinese New Year(since the holiday lasts for days)  Heartily recommend: stat at home and stick in front of the tv as many days as you can  Bunch of new movies will be released!! #mywanderlost #wanderintaiwan #wanderintaoyuan
Im maybe not an Instagrammer, but definitely a Latergrammer😜  #mywanderlost
They say blue is the Lucky color for Sagittarius in 2018❤
Red is the color of Chinese New Year Red Envelope is the smell of Chinese New Year 🔗Link in Bio about how we Chinese New Year👲  #jeaninspires
過年一定要來個炫腹文啊😋🤗 不過由於中午已經把今天的卡路里扣打用完了 所以我等下坐旁邊喝茶😩  #hungrywandering #whatvegetarianseat
He thinks he's 80 on the outer and 20 in the inner but she saw the 80 in the inner and consider his outer 20 so…  #jeaninspires