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Lola Wingate


Happily unmarried senior businesswoman and mum on my way to more discoveries about the world and self.

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Recent trip to SF.
Filmed on my patio.  Nature is so curious and varied.
The giant Moreton Bay Fig tree near the train station in Santa Barbara. A visiting sailor presented the seedling from Australia to a young girl in 1876. It is one of the largest Moreton Figs in North America. CA Register of BIG TREES.
A stop for coffee on the way back to catch the train home.
...these truths to be self evident .....
The coat rack at Dawn Patrol.
Sunday breakfast at Dawn Patrol. If you get on the train in SLO it leaves at 7:00am, arrives Santa Barbara around 9:00am just in time for breakfast. Dawn Patrol is only about 3 blocks from the train station. It's a perfect way to start your day of window shopping.
Hard not to fall in love with such a classic guy as our conductor. He's mine girls. I have dibs on him. Lol
Took the train from SLO to Santa Barbara for the day.
Yosemite.  Priceless beauty. Peace and tranquility!! Nothing feeds my soul like being surrounded by nature.
Around town....
Spring time and the horses are out with their foals.
The Merced river at its fullest in several years.
Dogwoods are in full bloom in Yosemite. You must hurry if you don't want to miss them.
Now is the time to see Yosemite while the Merced river is fuller than ever and there are waterfalls everywhere.