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Game of Thrones

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So....my girl Dany happens to be blessed with many, many names, but I have a new one for… YOU! dats right babies we could name you game of thrones style and all for the love of taking care of our incredible nurses now...how does this sound?  First of Your Name, Winner of a Game of Thrones final season Set Visit, lunch date with Emilia.. breaker of the behind the scenes. Just rolls right of the tongue eh?  If this name suits you well then Just click the link in my bio or visit omaze.com/gameofthrones to enter. (The SIMPLEST task you have all day right?) #queenofmorenamesthanyoucsnfitinonehashtag  #awinnerhasanewname #couldbeyourname #thelunchofchampions #appreciateanursetodayandeveryday #❤️ @omazeworld @gameofthrones
Had the pleasure of meeting these lovely, brilliantly funny ladies yesterday @hannahpilkes and @manonmathews ... It’s always wonderful meeting talented young women who are out here chasing their dreams and creating their own destinies. #allthesmiles #lolasbakery #westhampstead #london #meetingnewpeopleisfun #cupcakesandcupsofsomethinghot #ladieswhobrunch #butalsodothedamnthing
Quiet place review from a nerd. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️@aquietplacemovie @milliesimm YOU WERE CAPTIVATING 😍
It’s “sick” #tuesday...not my favorite day of the #week! What to do? Anything on #netflix or #hbo ?
Trailer to a short I did last year called “Late” directed by @therobynfox starring @julescranney (who also wrote it), @enokoronkwo and myself, Director of Photography by @si.sus.dop, score by @kttunstall #lateshortfilm
@fearnecotton was a joy! You great and wise woman. Privilege to be in your company 💗💗💗 have a listen 🤓
🌊So here we go!🌊 Over the last few years, at one point or another, you’ve probably seen (or heard) me banging on about orcas or dolphins and their wellbeing. Today I can announce that, between myself and my orca buddy Alex, we are going to make a documentary.  It will be both challenging and cheerful but, most importantly, we’ll be answering one baffling question... WHERE’S ALL THE BLOODY SALMON?  We have a kickstarter page should you like to donate (I’ve come to realise that no matter who you are and whatever position you’re in, documentaries aren’t easy or cheap to make 😅) if not, your support and a follow on our official page would be just as helpful to us. SEARCHING FOR CHINOOK. 🐠🐟🐬🐳🐋
Myself and HM delighted and proud to accept the @bafta special award on behalf of the entire @gameofthrones team at the craft awards this evening. Much deserved recognition for some of the very finest craftspeople working in TV. #gameofthrones #bafta 💪
Happy Earth Day Bruce. Let’s try not to fuck up his home quite so much in the years to come... photo from @discoversharks #sharknerd #sharknerdo 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗🐙
the boys are awake, washed and ready for tha ladiessssss 🌈
No rest for .. well, me.
#fbf with the soul sista @annaelizabethent at our favourite hangout during the filming of @fastandfuriousmovie #thefateofthfurious #fast8. Monkey Pose or Hanumanasana... which I definitely can’t do right now 😂 #yoga #monkeypose #hanumanasana #corepoweryogaponcecitymarket #atlanta #ga #yogaisliiiiife #myhamstringsthough #whatthehellhappened? #gettingold #needtosquarethosehipsforrealforreal #yogiplaytime #friends #missyou #yoginisassemble #fierce #ladywarriors #warrior2holdingheroes #😂
🌈TWENTY-ONE🌈 thank you to everyone who made it special xo
#mood 😂🙏🏽🧘🏽‍♀️📿🔮🙌🏾❤️ 🕉☯️ #allupinmyanahatachakrarightnow💚 #yam
🚨Come meet me on the Game of Thrones set!! That’s right don’t choke on your cornflakes this ain’t not hoax—you, me and a behind-the-scenes sneak peek. Just bend the knee (obviously a pre-requisite) and click that link in my bio or go to omaze.com/got to enter! Plus, every donation supports the fantastic incredible much needed work of the Royal College of Nursing Foundation. 🔥👸🏼 🐉 🚨 #youknowyouwantto #lunchfortwo #couldbeyou #bendthekneeneverlookedsoeasy #❤️ #motheroftoyourleftyouwillseethefamoussetof.. @gameofthrones @thercn @omazeworld
Current mood.
Time to go... off to adventures. So extremely excited about it. Juhuuu...It’s a dream coming true....yehaaaaa...yehhaaaa...yeah...ohhhh I love life....so much...as in...a lot! It’s...its...its...just “simply” (red) or the best!!! #trying #out #online #irony #not #working #have #a #great #day #bye #london
No Voice, Don’t care.  Hey Warsaw , Poland.  Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday for @warsawcomiccon !! Hopefully in full voice too.
...Once upon a time there was light in my life but now there's only love (And screaming into a microphone with total abandon) in the dark. @alekxandr___ your singing career will be even more glorious than a bottle of champagne in a karaoke booth at 2am on a Saturday.  #totaleclipseofthebar  #ifallyoudotodayislistentohislatestsongthenyourewelcomeforthegiftofjoythatitis @alekxandr___ you do you babe and you do you oh so well! #❤️ #🕺 #🙌 Oh @georgeavtaylor looking fresh as 🌶  baby xx
I am #foreveragainstanimaltesting so I am supporting #thebodyshop and @crueltyfreeintl campaign to stop animal testing globally! Please join the mission and show your support by following the link in the bio on @thebodyshop to sign the petition… working towards a kinder world for all its inhabitants. #ad 🐰
Next generation ❤️ #starwars #jedi #yoda #hannotsosolo #edgar #sigfred #nephews #hmmmmhopefullygoodyouare!!! 🙏🏻😄
My coachella is better than yours....#giantwheelwithsauna #helsinki #coachella
Reunion with my @meltemcumbulofficial ❤️ #headon #gegendiewand #duvarakarsi
@daenerystargaryen ❤️
💗⭐️what a treat! thankyou my babes⭐️💗
They said: let‘s take a picture for your friends! 😍😉@dragomirmrsicofficial @sherwan_haji #helsinki #series
21 & still waiting on that growth spurt ⭐️
Silly boomerang for a very serious honour. I have been given the role of Ambassador of the Royal College of Nursing and I honestly couldn’t be happier, prouder or more in awe of the incredible work @thercn does and the masterful work of Nurses the world over.  We’ve all had experience dealing with sickness of ourselves or loved ones and the nurses that care for us need our care now, they too often fall victim to outdated ideas that leave fantastic nurses overlooked, under-appreciated and underpaid. I am fiercely proud of my new role as ambassador and vow to use it to champion nurses and their work. Together, we must support the next generation to innovate and become the powerful nurses of tomorrow.  #thesunwillshineagain #missingmydadbutrememberingallwhocaredforhimtoday #❤️
#kitharington 💞
Repost from the brilliant @shaheenbaigcasting #thisiswhatweneedmoreof
Onboard for Guayaquil!! Ecuador here we come @stevielux1
Lovin’ the new final season costumes! #gameofthrones #sandiegocomiccon @blackcatstyling
Ooooh...the amount of jokes... Please begin 😂 #enter #the #dragon #afingerinthebum #whatisdead....isprobablystill dead!!! #do #not #follow #the #light #dealeralwayswins
I received a lovely package from Australia today 🇦🇺 from @thisishenson with some amazing silver and gold  wristwear and a ring.  Thanks @andy_henson , hopefully catch up down under soon ! #jewels #silver #australian #nairn #tribalrabbittattoo
Wrong concert? 😳 Marmor, Stein und Eisen bricht.....@metallica
A Thea is for life not just for intervals...not even just for the post show.  Face consuming smile thanks to the most extraordinary performance from Alexander in #fannyandalexander - not since Brandon have we seen acting quite like it... #myhero  #lettheproudgushingcontiue @oldvictheatre #sorryforthehalffacepauly #🐝 #❤️
#this #hansolo #starwars #trailer #is #really #really #really #really #awesome #🙌 Dearest @starwars fans this lil movie we made is all for you tied up with a chewie shaped bow 🎁 and I couldn’t be prouder to be a part of it. 🤩  #❤️
Oops!....I did it again @metallica
fish fingers
One could believe that the only criteria airport personnel has to meet is being unfriendly towards the passengers @hamburgairport  @stuttgartairport . Man könnte meinen, es ist ein Einstellungskriterium bei Flughafenmitarbeiter besonders unfreundlich zu sein @hamburgairport @stuttgartairport
I say, what a lovely welcome to Dubai for @mefcc !!! Thank you very much !!
Can’t wait 🤓🤓🤩
Always good to meet my good friends the @sannederoo and the much too handsome Ciro!
Milano. Beautiful
Always with her #endgunviolencenow artist, Steve Musgrave
Water shortage is a reality for almost half of the world’s population. 1.9 billion people face potentially severe water scarcity. But if we work to protect key ecosystems, restore degraded forests, and adopt nature-based solutions, we can help make water accessible to everyone. On #worldwaterday, and every day, let's do our part to preserve our most precious resource. #everydrop counts! @undp
Not much to say about this one................... speaks for itself.
There’s another one....................... just saying.
It’s been nearly 30 years and every single day she somehow proves herself to be even kinder, even funnier and even stronger than I have ever known her to be before. She’s a miracle. Happy Mother’s Day. ❤️#happymothersday #mothersday
Last year, when I visited the #maldives with @undp, I met women who were breaking down boundaries and barriers. Women like Zoona, the country’s first female diving course director. She is a role model and an inspiration to other young women to pursue their dreams.  #timeisnow to empower #women and #girls so they can flourish and reach their full potential. #iwd2018
Today is Rik Mayall day. He was my first favourite actor and, to be honest, hasn’t slipped too far down that list since. Had the ability to make me and probably millions of others hurt from laughing and when he left us way too early, aged 56, we lost a true one-off and I lost a genuine hero. A huge part of the comedy movement that tried to stop it being the stomping ground of the racist, sexist and homophobic. He would have been 60 today. I loved him. ❤️ #rikmayall #rikmayallday
A very proud son celebrating his parents. Yesterday they received the finest #gold #medal/honoring you can get in #mallorca. What they have contributed to international #art in #spain/europe is extraordinary and inspiring. You guys are in every aspect of #life incredible, generous and absolutely #crazy. #love it 😄 A #life dedicated to culture is a life well spent. Please check out @ccandratx in #andratx, Mallorca. It took them 10 years to build, and 17 years to establish. That’s determination. Never giving up, never stopped believing in the dream. Imagine making your dream come true...? My parents did that. It’s...sorry for the language Mom...so fucking AWESOME!! 💪🏻🙏🏻😘 Thanks for the ride Mama and Papa.... it’s been pretty hardcore at times but the future looks bright and positive ❤️ love ya!!! #alsothanksto @instajaumef for making the dream come true 🙏🏻🙏🏻✌🏻 #andthegovernmentofmallorca 🏆
Seeing these on the pavement always make me smile 💛💜💙 #feelslikesummer #childrenplayingoutside #asitshouldbe #london #hopskotch #chalkonthepavement #colourful #saturday
Here we go
National gallery of Ireland.
Find someone who looks at you the way I look at Conleth Hill. ❤️
Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington on the set of GoT season 8!
Check out these amazing drawings! SVIPE! Made my @slightly_mad_pollada @alexandreportodesenhos @de.fry @heatherlenefskyart #luispucacco and @y_bhan
Happy Birthday, Maisie Williams! ♥️🎉
RED/BLUE. Once in a lifetime you get to see a show by someone who is probably one of the most important artists in the world at that moment in time. Tonight, for me, was that night. #kendricklamar
Getting dressed in taxi before @skavlantvshow with @grymolvaerhivju 11 minutes before start! Great night! Great people! #skavlan
The merch @moneylinetees is too funny! 😭 15% off your purchase, use promo code "Cyber15" at MoneyLineTees.com . ✅LINK TO BUY IN BIO!
Welcome to the family @waldopicassojonas 🐶 ♥️ 💫
NYD 2018, Brighton
Derek Jarman's cottage at the ends of the earth
Season 4 was the best season. Agree or disagree?
Kit with @josephdempsie and Bill Clinton at a liberal political event in Belfast last week!
7 years ago today, the first ever Game of Thrones episode aired! #7years7kingdoms #april17th #2011
Happy Birthday, Maisie Williams! 🎉
How cool is this? 🐉 😍 This music box is indeed magical, you’ll know why... GoT Wooden Music Box plays the Game of Thrones theme! Get it for 60% Off + Free Tracked Shipping Worldwide (today only) 🔥 . . Order link in bio👉🏽@peterdinklage Order link in bio👉🏽@peterdinklage ▶️Tag a Game of Thrones Addict!◀️
Prom with my baby tonight
My dog sings wbu
Happy birthday to my honorary sister EJ EJJ. Loved u from day 1 fam
Happy #nationalsiblingsday . Side note: Looks like a v serious game o’ poker
If you mix me with Tori Amos you get this 👌🏻@liffeypopdesigns @toriamos
2 years without my dad today. I’m guessing he will be hanging around Edinburgh Castle humming Elgar, Shostakovich or the Beatles. 😥❤️#roots
I’m flattered @alenyshka_115
@ndtdance ❤️
🦆 feet @extreme.cashmere
A year ago. I look like I 💩 my pants. Goodnight.
When you know someone is making your #voodoo doll ! Auuu!!! Repost: @f_u_c_k_ken
My dogs are now international stars shot by @rankinarchive. They don't want to live with me anymore - rumour has it they have their own reality show in the works. Was such an honour to do this shoot for the wonderful @the_blue_cross! A fantastic charity doing crucial work for animals everywhere.
i got mail :-)
Huge thanks to the dublin international film festival for inviting our film 3Things to screen last night. And thanks for inviting me. Thank you ! #diff @bhjortsorensen
Happy Valentine baby! I love you, I need you, I feel you! Your’re the best @grymolvaerhivju 🌹 Great picture by @mortenqvale Stylist: @svetlanahairstylist @sistemohikaner
Have to say, the old hometown is looking gorgeous from the air. ❤️✈️🏠 #home #manchester
🎨Link in bio! Help out this upcomming documentary about my mentor, friend and hero Odd Nerdrum!  #repost @nerdrumforever ・・・ The Hunt of Nerdrum📽 (Link in bio) New documentary-series up on Kickstarter and we need your help to bring it to life! We have filmed everything, more than 200 hours of video and sound footage, and the series is nearly finished edited - what we need now is the remaining funding to finish it and publish it for world wide distribution. We deeply appreciate all contributions! #oddnerdrum #nerdrumpictures #kickstarter
As many of our lovely Thrones SAG Awards lads as I can fit into one picture! Thank you to @burberry for the most beautiful suit. What a brilliant evening - congratulations to all the victors. But it's goodbye sunny LA for now, time to go back to work...
Good luck to all the ladies participating in the Global Goals World Cup in Dubai friday and satiurday. You are all doing amazing work towards a sustainable better future. Have fun ! #ggwcup #sustainablemindz #theglobalgoals #undp
From #jordan #amman shooting BECK «My own blood» #throwbackbeck Stream it tonight on CMORE and TV2 SUMO ! In US- you can check out all the other BECK film on @mhzchoice ! I’m 31-33 ! Directed by @jorgenbergmark and #mortenklingberg! @cmore @cmoredanmark @cmorefi #peterhaber @piatjelta #jenniesilverhjelm #månsnathanaelson #annasp #elmiraarikan #filmlance #beckisback
Exciting news to start the year! I am proud to join the @lorealmen family and be spokesperson not just for their self-empowering products, but also for their commitment with The @Movember Foundation! Can’t wait to tell you more about it… stay tuned!
Merry Xmas from London's best pub sing along
My best mate in the whole wide world.