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The Tortellante project as seen in “stuffed” episode of @uglydelicious. Volunteer Rezdore (pasta masters) passing down their knowledge to teenagers w special needs and young adults. Great example of preserving authenticity at its best. In addition to the @refettoriogastromotiva @laratgilmore @massimobottura continuing to give back to communities. Ciao Charlie & Taka!🍝 🥟 🇮🇹
Mise en place... @restauranthelenedarrozeparis
Young tiny pine cones, from the female scotch pine tree, are simmered in sugar for almost 2 hours. This renders them soft like toffee with the most incredible forest flavor.
Have a great Irish day. Top o the morning !!
Les asperges vertes de la ferme Nogaret dans le Vaucluse @restauranthelenedarrozeparis #sicestpaslebonheurcayressemble
C’est bientôt le printemps... 😱😱😱
Kieran enjoyed his branzino @drifthousebydavidburke in sea bright nj.  He’s waiting for his cheesecake pops
in the previous post some people have asked about what was in the contents of bowl that was next to all the salsas. @eastsidetacos made salsa seca this dry mix of seeds, nuts and chili and various spices. I had never had it before and I kept eating it like it was Chex mix. Literally translates to “dry salsa”. This salsa reminded me of Japanese furikake, togarashi, chengdu chongquing chicken and a great bar snack.  For some reason this seca reminded me of eating Korean puffed rice, peanuts and beef jerky, dried fish washed down with a beer. Something my grandfather would frequently snack on.  The @eastsidetacos Salsa seca inspired us to mess around something that overlapped all of the above. Sesame seeds, poppy seeds, garlic, chili, pumpkin seeds, 🥜, and spices.  There was much debate over to serve it as is, or as a chili infused topping to a meat dish.  We put the seca on ribs, oxtails and fried chicken butts glazed in honey to make it sticky. It was covered in a giant mound of salsa seca. We added puffed rice for volume and replaced meat with fried potato chunks...simply because the bag of puffed rice we purchased was next to a bag of honey butter potato chips at Zion supermarket. Long story. But it’s easy to go down rabbit holes. I’m sure it will continue to evolve.  I think it’s a great bar snack or small thing to munch on in between courses @majordomola #uglydelicious
Al pastor tacos from the “taco” episode of @uglydelicious.  We threw a taco party where @eastsidetacos made super tasty tacos. Incredibly good stuff. 🌮. My current LA diet consists of 25% tacos. What’s your favorite spot?
@gabrielezanatt thanks for introducing me at @identitagolose love the topic “Human factor” ... #gaggan #identitagolose #humanfactor #world50best #asia50best #michelinguide
Marcus glocker. Chef extraordinaire doing pop up at Batard  w Nola chef Isaac toupe
There are legends and then there’s Ali - he’s in a different realm. His kindness and professionalism inspires us everyday. Imagine that even at 63 he’s still pulling more hours than most of the rest of the team. The odds that he’s gonna greet you at the door, serve you a plate of food and also wash your dishes are almost 💯, everyday, always.  I’m mega mega proud and honored to call him my partner.
One of my favorite parts of filming @uglydelicious ...the Tremolo crew reaction to their fist shenjianbao: production coordinator Lisa Rowson claims “king of shenjianbao” makes the best in all of 🇨🇳. Producer Eve Marson & Director of Photography Arlene Nelson claimed they hadn’t leaved before tasting this food before! Unfortunately, I’m a terrible director of photography.  @garyvnutzwang throwing shade. For the record I love joe’s. For what it’s worth Gary doesn’t love my cooking either!  But Gary has a supreme palate and the dude knows where flavor lives.
While filming in Shanghai for @uglydelicious “stuffed” episode. @garyvnutzwang shared with us one of his favorite shenjianbao spots. Restaurant name translates to “king of shenjianbao”. Name of restaurant equals culinary onomatopoeia. The family that runs it showered the film crew with amazing hospitality 🥟
Had a fantastic Wine Dinner last night at Tavern62 featuring wines from Robert Mondavi Winery. Don’t miss out on the next one!
Scallop ceviche with a little bit of caviar... only for me @helenedarrozeattheconnaught #sicestpaslebonheurcayressemble
Cauliflower and cod, jus of the bones flavoured with vadouvan... agreed tasting for @helenedarrozeattheconnaught #sicestpaslebonheurcayressemble
Homemade bread and Bordier Espelette pepper butter @helenedarrozeattheconnaught #sicestpaslebonheurcayressemble
From the knife skills department: Slivers of giant squid just cooked in hot seaweed butter
육개장 (Yukgaejang): spicy beef and vegetable soup. Easily the most underrated portion of @parksbbq their jigae, tang and guk (stews and soups). Jenny came by and made sure that we tried some of this deliciousness because it was raining outside. So next time you get some bbq meats ordered some soup too. You won’t regret it. All the parks beef trim and bones make for super flavorful soups. #uglydelicious
Mayfair under the sun... view from @theconnaught
🍒 🍅 🥗 w/ broken tofu & bing. Tomatoes are pretty sweet already
Here’s our banquet room. Seats 18
Premier tasting avec les tout premiers saumons sauvages de l’Adour... tartare, crème de haddock fumé, caviar... @restauranthelenedarrozeparis
Couleurs d’en France...
Quand les pâtissiers @poteletchabot célèbrent carnaval... 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 @rebelles_et_impertinents
Merveilleux Paris...
Rien de meilleur que les choses simples... #thesimplestisthebest #homesweethome #sicestpaslebonheurcayressemble
Briana Valdez is the owner of @homestate in the Los Feliz neighborhood of LA and an alumna of our restaurant group. @helloitsbreezy is about to open her second location in Highland Park and a third later this year. It was the memory of her Grandmother Lala whom she watched hand rolling tortillas that inspired her to follow her dream of opening up her own restaurant. . “Since moving to LA in 2000, I had dreamed of opening the restaurant I wished existed here, one that served the food from my home state: Texas. I knew I needed experience to realize this dream, and set about finding it.” . “In 2009, I read that @bouchon_bistro was planning to open a LA location. I had been fortunate enough to dine in Yountville and fell in love with the whole experience. I quickly decided to try to get my foot in the TKRG door. I was hired as a host and look back on those four years as one of the most exciting, intense and ultimately gratifying of my life.” . “There, I learned about food and hospitality, but also about dedication, about the importance of details, and about collective and personal pride. I was fortunate to have great teachers including @chefthomaskeller @lauragcunningham. I am still humbled by their commitment to excellence, and often speak of my time working for them as my ‘Restaurant University.’ Leaving Bouchon to finally open the restaurant of my dreams was like a graduation.” . Briana shared with Laura and me her motivation for HomeState: to tell the story of Texas through food. We encouraged her to pursue her idea and served as advisors along the way. We felt strongly about Briana fulfilling her dream outside of our restaurant group. . “It's the honor of a lifetime to showcase the dishes of my culture and to create a community in the best possible light. I rely on the lessons learned at Bouchon: to provide the highest level of service, the most exacting attention to detail, the best quality ingredients and to do it all with an unshakable sense
Finally free to spread the word. I’m partnering with my friend @sdadich and the incredible team at @godfreydadich to launch @MajordomoMedia. Lots of great people involved, helping us build a new kind of entertainment and media company. Travel, food, sports, music, TV, and all kinds of good stuff. Link in bio to sign up and stay in the loop. #majordomomedia
King crab steamed In seaweed
@ko_ep turns 10 years old today. Crazy that it all started at 163 first ave with noodle bar 14 years ago. Today Ko is at its new home at 8 extra place under the excellent leadership of @seanalexgray @suwongruiz. Big thanks to past and present teams!! So grateful for everyone’s support over the past 10 years.🙏 here’s to the next 10
Great piece of art @acebounce chicago. @rickgresh  Thanks for help @internantionalhome+housewaresshow
GOHGAN 8...Sakura 🌸 location ... Fukuoka 🇯🇵 Dates... 5-6-7 April  Very limited seats for reservation contact @goh_f  #gohgan #asia50best #worlds50best #gohgansakura #muto
Les premières fraises guariguettes du Sud-Ouest... #sicestpaslebonheurcayressemble
Asperges vertes, lard de Colonnata, olives Taggiasche, parmesan et agrumes... et un peu de jus de bœuf... à la carte la semaine prochaine @restauranthelenedarrozeparis #sicestpaslebonheurcayressemble
Masahiko Kodama chef of the great Yakitori Masakichi in Tokyo. There are many amazing yakitori masters in japan. I’m sure people will disagree on what is their favorite and what spot serves the best tori. But on the @uglydelicious episode where I tasted masahiko-san’s work...his food tasted the best to me. (His ramen is outstanding too...he first trained as a ramen chef under one of the best). As promised I ate here again later that week.  #🔥 🐔 🔥 🐓 🔥 🍗 🔥
Sea-cucumber is on the menu (@arwenlevyredzepi approves)
March 14th at Tavern 62 by David Burke, Mondavi Wine Dinner !
More behind scene stuff from @uglydelicious Bbq episode. The hutong food crawl with @davidchoe. Local street bakery. Ever since my first visit to Beijing in the mid 90’s I’ve always been fascinated by the fact there was so much bread called bing (bang in Korean). Changed my understanding that asia was only a rice culture. Always felt that bread was of European domain. And how those Chinese leavened breads made its way throughout asia. I think today in Korea you see it in griddled hotteuk. Anyway they sold super tasty hot steamed and griddled bing. It was sad to see so many old ancient hutongs demolished and replaced with new modern hutong streets.
Mamma Chang. 25 years battling cancer off and on. Still the best cook in the family #baby👑@uglydelicious
Great food starts with great techniques. Learn the essentials, plus some of my favorite recipes in my @MasterClass. Now available at www.masterclass.com/tk (link in bio)
Today we celebrate and honor the amazing achievements and strong leadership of the women who work within our restaurants. #internationalwomensday #tkrg @_tfl_ @perseny @bouchon_bistro @bouchon_bakery @adhoc_addendum
Frozen beauty
My latest crime .... @miharatofuten_bangkok ... help me fight my evil plan “make tofuuuuuuuu take over Bangkok”  My crime team for this criminal activity is @miharahiroki @masatakamasataka @goh_f @yuko.lopez @itan @bic_smitasiri @trip_series follow our tofu activities on @miharatofuten_bangkok opens hopefully on 19.03.2018 ... very few counter seats per day .. every day water will be flown in from the prefecture of the tofu .. criminal objective 1. make money I don’t know 🤷‍♂️ 2. have fun !! 🤓 3. give u something that will change the identity of tofu in your mind😱 4. Tofu omakase of 16 courses of tofu 🤫 This is the biggest risk I took after Gaggan and hope it works tofu is my crime of passion to give Bangkok something new the landscape of Bangkok is full with amazing Japanese restaurants in last 8-10 years we have sushi as authentic and japan and ramen as slurpy as Tokyo .... so we give u toooofffffffuuuuuu more leads to the crime scene to follow  #gaggan #miharatofutenbkk #miharatofuten #gohsan #itan #asia50best #tofufighters
Congratulations on the premier of @wrinkleintime. Thank you @Oprah and @people for celebrating with us today! #wrinkleintime #beawarrior
@vividcuisine .... thanks a lot great emotions of kitchen with @rydoanton89 @zaiyuhasegawa  #gaggan #zaiyuhasegawa #denrestaurant #asia50best #worlds50best
Some 🥩 from @uglydelicious bbq episode captured on my phone. First bit is @adamperrylang slicing pieces of short rib heaven. Then some of the Korean bbq we filmed at @davidchoe mom’s house with @steveyeun & @jimmykimmel @adamperrylang
From the menu: fresh sea urchin covered with (peeled) pumpkin seeds
Thanks for having me on tonight: @trevornoah & @thedailyshow team. Talking @uglydelicious
Tortellini can’t do this. Didn’t get to visit the tremendous Kang Kang Food Court for @uglydelicious episode of “stuffed”. What’s amazing...this is just their plain old pan fried dumpling...so incredibly juicy.
Always a classic, caramel popcorn. #vfoscars #oscars2018
Pavlova | Baked Meringue Filled with Pastry Cream & Marinated Harries Berries #vfoscars #oscars2018
Tonight’s pass quote for #vfoscars party. #oscars2018
Entree course: Ricotta & Crème Fraiche “Gnudi” | Braised Morels, Fava Beans and Parmesan “Mousseline” #vfoscars #oscars2018
Entree course: Grilled Beef “Calotte” | Hen of the Woods Mushrooms, “Pommes Duchesse” & “Sauce Bordelaise” #vfoscars #oscars2018
Entree course: Slow Poached Dover Sole | New Crop Potato “Confit”, Arrowleaf Spinach and Young Fennel Velouté #vfoscars #oscars2018
First course: Avocado Louie | Spring Vegetable Salad with Green Goddess Dressing #vfoscars #oscars2018
#itsallaboutcollaboration We brought together team members from seven of our restaurants #yountville #new York #lasvegas. #vfoscars #oscars2018
Thrilled to be back at the #vfoscars. Looking forward to a wonderful evening. #oscars2018
Sea cucumber next to sea cucumber dish
@yojitokuyoshi thanks for the last meal before flight back home ur awesome ur mental strength with what u have gone through and still love ur smile and humility big fan of ur cooking idea 💡 concept, delivery of food and diving fingers into food and licking theme is so brave ... hope to cook with you one day at Gaggan love u big hug and waiting for u in Bangkok  #tokuyusui #gaggan #worlds50best #asia50best
My true identity love this bar .. if u like wines without chemicals this is ur temple  #gaggan #champagnesocialist #naturalwinebar
Part 2.. if you are eating in the top most restaurant in the world and happens to be in italy 🇮🇹 we would expect the most tasty risotto and pasta .. we got that a lesson to learn we shouldn’t forget are roots and carried away cooking philosophical food and leave behind the humbleness of a cuisines .. @massimobottura was serving food that was cooked.. to perfection there was cooking involved not just an evolution of his fantasy but the food representing his memory .. his parents his childhood his country his region and his travels it’s amazing to se them transform into dishes that question you why and when u put in your mouth why becomes wow !!!! So happy to be back to eat with my Italian family .. the wine pairing was equally incredible a meal that reminds me don’t forget to cook a curry in the end as that’s what I represent thank you for reminding us chefs that food should taste good in the end !! #osteriafrancescana #massimobottura #worlds50best #asia50best
The new @massimobottura and his  new renaissance.... 🙌🙌🙌 what a meal always an inspiration and always a learning lesson that what ever story u create whatever science u use in the end it should taste good and this was one incredible meal probably one of my top meals of my life ... he is the master .. camouflage not the idea of presentation but hiding the flavors and textures and the real identity of the dish until it’s in your mouth .. to be continued... #massimobottura #worlds50best #asia50best #gaggan
"Per Se opened on February 16th, 2004, which also happened to be my 23rd birthday. It was both nerve-wracking and exciting! I’m from Bangladesh, and I’d only been in New York for two years. I was eager to make a new life for myself. Chef Keller talks about evolution. That certainly applies to me. In the 14 years since that opening night, I've come to think of New York as my home, and the staff @perseny as my family. My job has evolved over that time, too. I started as a coffee server and moved my way up to expeditor. A word that sums up my personal growth is ‘responsibility.’ . I am involved in so much more with every service than when I started. I have my colleagues to thank for that, and I now show the same patience to new staff. My philosophy is to treat people the way you want to be treated. Bring your smile and energy. Let the rest take of care of itself.” . Some people are born with the hospitality gene. Mahmud Lasker is one of those people. His advancement through the company, his ethos of responsibility and his ready-smile make him a wonderful representative of our commitment to the highest standards of service. He wants to make people happy, and he knows how to do it.  In the words of his Per Se peers “he’s our lucky charm.”
Great book. @toquelandandrew brings back lots of memories, also educational and interesting bits of culinary history and commraderie
Happy HOLI - the festival of colors marks the beginning of spring but I’m in freezing milan ... now u see what I mean by progressively Indian .. eating with hands this is murku or a fried fermented batter of rice flour and butter milk/ coconut milk .. with a flower shape mound.. frying is very Indian and probably this dish transformed in many countries and regions of the world having a different name but similar recipe .. here it’s with goat 🐐 🧠.. although this was last menu not served anymore .. the colors of vegetables were my memories of this Indian nostalgia of colors splashed on ur face .. and eating fried snacks especially Bhaang pakora (cannabis leafs fritters) .. completely legal and ritual for this festival ... Happy holi everyone❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💖 #gaggan #asia50best  #worlds50best #michelingudiebkk #happyholi #eatwithhands
Starting to warm up the stoves. Opens this week, DRIFTWOOD by David Burke, Sea Bright NJ.
🌮.. turnip.. from Kyushu .. uni from Hokkaido .. underneath smoked fish, pumpkin and turnip peel.. Cream with coriander flowers and sea grapes @rydoanton89 🙏🏻 💪🤘👍🙌... leading the show  #gaggan #worlds50best #asia50best #michelinstarbkk
Choose ur weapon which one would u use in ur kitchen  #kitchenknives #gaggan #india #asia50best  #worlds50best #michelinstar
We’re ready for dinner service
I am officially 40 and I smell like curry !!!! @itan thanks for this sticker as birthday 🎂 gift 💝  #itan #gaggan #ismelllikecurry #asia50best #worlds50best #michelinstarbangkok
@kachabros another magical Mizu (water) Mochi with mango wow !! Love it feels like sand.. #kyorollen #gaggan #ihaveasweettoothproblem #mochi
View from the kitchen Into the restaurant ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Table 9
Four seasons St. Louis chef on right gian Nicola Colucci and Pastry instructor at St. Louis community college Casey Schiller.  Thank you
Ha. I woke up this morning looked out my hotel and bam! Nice surprise. Guess what city?
Our new home
Happy even after flu... #taraanand #gaggan
Steak tartare guacamole tacos w lil crudités and blistered shishitos.  Bar menu tavern 62
The year of the DOG 🐕.... I am Thai, I am Chinese and I am Indian DNA... true mix breed ... happy Chinese New Year... #taraanand #thaiindianbaby
Gotta make the macaroons! @j_mcneill_ @theadelphihotel @bluehen.saratoga
As we continue to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the original @_tfl_, we will be shining a spotlight on the many individuals who have contributed so richly to our collective success. . Anna Bolz. Pastry chef @perseny. Originally from Decorah, Iowa, Anna has honed her craft with @_TFL_ Executive Pastry Chef, Elwyn Boyles. First as a chef de partie and later a sous chef, Anna was constantly watching, listening, and seeking the advice of her mentors and her colleagues. . “I’ve always had this idea of standing on the shoulders of giants.  Whether it’s in or out of the kitchen, I try to see more and do more and evolve farther than the people who came before me.  They gave me a strong foundation, and now it’s my job to provide that foundation for all of the chefs that follow me.  If my sous chefs aren’t more successful than me, then I’m not doing my job.” . We are founded on a set of core values that continue to guide us as we seek to provide a fulfilling workplace while nourishing our community and making memories one guest at a time. . “It’s pretty simple: Your food can’t make other people happy if cooking doesn’t bring you joy.”
Only one broken heart ??? How many have you broken ? #chewdoin ?
These fish shine naturally like silver #nomaocean
Old school noma apple dessert
Fresh razorclams