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Trying out a new move here, its called “get smashed in the back of the head by the lip and dusted along the reef “ it’s so much fun , don’t try it.😂🤣Cheers to @cohenscorner 📷@natelav 📷@kylervos for taking me along for the ride ! @emerysurfboards
When it comes to the fans you know I love to go BIG & FUN! Big Meets BIGGER in the Rampage Monsters Unleashed Contest!  I’m personally picking 8 FANS AROUND THE WORLD to join me on the #rampage WORLD TOUR. All you have to do is download our new AR app, go BIG on unleashing the creatures in your hometown, then enter your video in the Rampage Monsters Unleashed Contest for a chance to win. No Purchase Necessary.  Contest Ends March 23 2018. See Official Rules in my bio. (secretly, this is my version of Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket;)
Can Squirrel Girl and her squirrel friends take on the villainous M.O.D.O.K.? Vote for your pick now on our Facebook, then tune in on Monday to see the winner: Facebook.com/Marvel #marvelpixelbattle 🥊
We all got daddy issues lol.  My pops just had his hip replaced and called me and said “Hey Mr. D the surgeon really feels like I should have a bigger car since my hip rehab..” I cut my dad off and just started laughing because I knew what he was hustling for.  I said “say no more..I got you.. just go down and pick out what you want” then we hung up and hours later I get this pic. Lol.  Hey my old man was a tough MF on me. He’d kick my ass from one side of the gym to the other for years. I hated it when I was a kid, but grateful for it as a man. Im lucky I could do this and thanks for the ass kickins.  Thanks Shawn Burnett and Ed Morse Cadillac for handling business for me and finding the gold bow. #mydoctorsaid #newhipsandwhips
My excitement knowing midnight sun comes out on Friday !!! 😍😋
Agent Pierce and Marshall’s investigation becomes murkier when a disturbing connection leads them to a man named Prophet.  Listen to episode three of "Wolverine: The Long Night" now on Stitcher Premium, use code MARVEL for a free month: www.wolverinepodcast.com #wolverinepodcast
Winners required... Be a helper, a donor, and a joiner... Click the link in my BIO or go to crowdrise.com/rdj #avengersinfinitywar #🌎premieretix ( 🎥cred: @jimmy_rich 🙌🏼cred: @mo_freek ) #teamstark @marvelstudios @rohhad_association_charity @briantcity #brianortegafoundation
I feel like @kevinhart4real.  I saw lots of hungry eyes during my pre game talk with the LAKERS.  Thank you @lakers ownership and coaching staff for the invite to speak to the players.  We’re all hungry to win.  But the key to long term impactful success - is never being full.  Stay focused & hungry boys and I’ll see ya down the road.  #hardestworkerintheroom #andtheshortestdudeintheroom #pregame #lakers
Where there is one, there is another.  An all-new trailer for "Marvel's #cloakanddagger" drops tomorrow at 9am PT. @CloakAndDaggerTV
@lauraenever decided to tow into this beast last week , her first time towing and she chose this one !!! So epic, well done! I’ll try see if my daughter would be interested in this in a few years to come 😬 count me out! 📷@stugibson @surfline @wsl #girlpower
When the kiddos are in bed mama has a little me time -check out stories👆🏽 to see my 🧖🏽‍♀️#SundaySpaNight routine for detoxed and hydrated skin. @honest_beauty @summerfridays
Build the Belief.  THIS THURSDAY #projectrock will drop one of @underarmour’s most anticipated collections of 2018: CHASE GREATNESS  Project Rock is not a brand, it’s a movement.  It’s a core belief, that I 100% don’t care what color you are, how old you are, where you come from or what you do for a living.  The only thing I care about is you and I, building the belief that regardless of whatever the odds, we can overcome and achieve - but it all starts with the work we’re willing to put in with our two hands.  This movement is much bigger than me.  #buildthebelief #projectrock #underarmour #chasegreatnesscollection  DROPS THIS THURSDAY.
Enjoying a delicious Vietnamese Pho, a touch of heat but that ain’t gonna hold me back , life’s about conquering mountains and embracing challenges and pushing phoward , life’s basically one big bowl of hot Pho, Phok fear I say , I’m gonna finish this Phosure #nevergiveup #phorules
Me and mr. crabby patty 50 ft wide march 23
Auntie Em on duty @kakeykake 🌼🌸🌻 #leon #love @akidbrand @goodplusfdn
When @cgonzalezcuba says find the light.... hahaha I’m sideways 🤦🏻‍♀️😉💁🏻
Would you like anything?
Goosebumps.  16yrs ago today, at WRESTLEMANIA, I had the honor of making history and breaking records with this man: The Immortal @HulkHogan.  About a year prior to this match, Vince McMahon came to me and asked how I felt about bringing Hogan back to the @wwe and creating the main event at WrestleMania. I loved the idea and immediately saw the massive business opportunity for us but more importantly, giving the fans a once in a lifetime match to enjoy.  I told Vince we should promote the match, ICON vs ICON and the winner would go down as the greatest of all time.  Hogan did “the honors” (me winning) that night and passed the torch to me, as Andre the Giant had done for him 15yrs earlier at WrestleMania III.  To this day, this crowd of 65,000 strong was the most electric and on fire I’ve ever had the privilege of performing in front of.  They were ready. So were we.  #childhoodhero #iconvsicon #greatestofalltime #wrestlemania18
My girl @brittjking
This new selfie stick is so cool #amidoingitright #selfiestickadventures @azzagrist
Not sure if we’re robbing banks or surfing but it’s damn cold in Canada 🇨🇦 well worth it though , what a beautiful place !! @azzagrist
Hope y’all are out there crushing it. Happy saint Patrick’s day!
Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!! Love, Gary
#roww needs our help. Please consider a donation and/or a purchase of tools to replace the response trailer and important items needed to continue vital disaster relief efforts! #teampw  #repost @reachoutww ・・・ Help Rebuild ROWW's Response Trailer  This winter, ROWW's tool trailer containing the majority of our domestic deployment equipment was stolen. Police found the remains of the burnt trailer in the woods, and unfortunately, the trailer and all of our equipment needs to be replaced.  We need your help to replace the trailer and re-stock with all of the necessary items to deploy anywhere in the US. Your donation will help purchase the equipment needed to get our response trailer back up and mobile. Or, you can purchase items direct from our @Amazon Wish List (link in bio) or visit www.roww.org.  Have other new or used tools/equipment you'd like to donate? Please email info@roww.org.  Feel free to share. Thank you!  #teamroww #roww #reachoutworldwide #disasterrelief #trailer #tools #rebuild #help
Great summer date for our RED NOTICE - JUNE 12, 2020.  This is the original concept idea from @rawsonthurber that all of our studio partners wanted and finally sold to the highest bidder: Universal Studios.  The term “Red Notice” is a legit international alert circulated by Interpol to capture to the world’s most wanted criminals.  Now here comes the fun part... my character is an Interpol Agent who tracks the globe hunting down the greatest and most elusive art thief the world’s ever seen.  All I have to do now is find the one man - or woman - who can play the role of THE greatest art thief the world has ever known.  This is gonna be fun.  Thoughts on who I should tango with?  RED NOTICE JUNE 12, 2020
@BlackPanther is the #1 movie in the world. See it again: fandango.com/blackpanther #blackpanther
Embracing green this St. Paddy’s Day. #happystpaddysday
Today brings another opportunity to  #kickit with the #mcu at the World Premiere of @marvelstudios #avengersinfinitywar ... Click the link in my BIO or visit crowdrise.com/rdj to donate ... @rohhad_association_charity will be this years focus , with a portion of the proceeds also going to the #brianortegafoundation ... @briantcity #healtheinternet
Be on the lookout for these comics hitting shelves next week!
Hey yo! #setlife #friyay @gabunion @johnsalley
Wakanda Forever. Get these #blackpanther collectible pins now, available exclusively through Disney Movie Rewards. #styledbymarvel (via @styledbymarvel and @disneymovies)
I’ve been going to Molly’s pub for almost 20 years. It’s especially good luck on St. Patrick’s Day! #pregame #happystpatricksday #lastnightat #mollys #fallon #nyc
Happy birthday to one of the the most real, down to 🌎, stunning, intelligent, creative, loving, and most rare Pokémon ever created #alexdaddario
Stripes are life 👋 my shape cover is out 😍
#repost @marvelstudios ・・・ Watch the new @Avengers: #infinitywar trailer (link in bio) and get your tickets now!
Howz about you and I meet up at the 🌎 premiere of @marvelstudios #avengers #infinitywar ? Donate $10 towards @rohhad_association_charity and I'll see you there. Click the link in my BIO or go to crowdrise.com/rdj ( 📸cred: @jimmy_rich ) #brianortegafoundation
And there you have it ... @marvelstudios #avengers #infinitywar #snippet of the official trailer 🙏🏽 Release date 4/27/2018 ...
To all the leading ladies of #carnivalrow I am beyond grateful to have met, ,WEERRKKKEDD, cried, laughed, be inspired and utterly BLOWN AWAY by such talented (the adjectives could go on for days) group of women!!! Nothing can compare to the strength in support of women lifting each other up. I love you all even if you aren't in these pics you know who you are ❤️ THANK YOU!!!
@loveshackfancy vibesss
@loveshackfancy living my best life 😝
I never made the track team but a girl can pretend 👟@newbalance @nbwomen #574 #nbgreyday #ad
Makin a piece with @jojoanavim 🎨👩🏻‍🎨👨🏼‍🎨
🎉🎨Best time at  @jojoanavim studio 🎨🎉 such a dope artist just crushing it 👩‍🎨
My birthday kween olive 💕💕
Finally I can post these bts pix of my @shape cover :) cuz it’s on stands tomorrow 😍
And that's a WRAP!!! Words cannot describe what a life changing experience this has been. Thank you to everyone who made it possible and who worked their asses off till the very end! #carnivalrow
MY GUYYY. Literally had the best time at the dentist. Thank you @doctorapa 🤩🤩🤩🤩
The adventure awaits. Let’s go. Check out the full 🔗 in bio or go to: facebook.com/Zac Efron/ #yourtimeisnow #hugoman
“Nothing is too ugly for this world, I think it’s just that people pretend not to see.” @oursharedshelf’s March/April pick is Heart Berries, the touching debut memoir by Terese Marie Mailhot; an unapologetically honest and immensely inspiring book. Read my OSS letter here: http://bit.ly/2GozZ8p #oursharedshelf
Just a couple of bad girls 👊🏽 (+ a drill and a bag of chicharones)
#regram @diddy FLAVA IN YA EAR FOREVER 🔥 CRAIG MACK 🔥 #ripcraigmack
#regram @mertalas 2013 #unpublished
Feelin extra curves 😍
Last night I went to an Indian restaurant called Junoon and Chef Akshay Bhardwaj taught me how to make naan. I’ve been eating it for all these years and never knew how it was made. Thanks for the fun night!
Good morning ☕️
New #fallontonight show tonight!! Also I will be a guest on @VICELAND’s @desusandmero with @desusnice and @thekidmero (thanks for having me on - fun one) TONIGHT!!
You red carpet ready? I am... Join me in Hollywood, CA for the world premiere of @marvelstudios #avengers #infinitywar ... Donate $10 to support the fabulous #rohhadassociation and win (2) VIP tix ... Click the link in my BIO or go to crowdrise.com/rdj ( 🎥cred: @jimmy_rich 🙌🏼cred: @mo_freek ) @briantcity ...
O maior presente, a família.... um sorriso.... o sorriso das pessoas que vc ama. Esta foto diz tudo, no meu mundo existe 1 rainha 👑 e ela se chama Júlia, a minha inspiração, 98 anos de sabedoria..... a minha fonte de sabedoria ..... ✨❤️
💖✨Absolutely love this design, whoever did it kindly let me know✨💖
Rainy Saturday 💚 ☔️ @nickwalkerstudio @kakeykake
"Why couldn't you just have taken the kid and left?" #runningscared #teampw
We escaped @indypindy9 #freudescaperoom
Excited to announce the launch of Privé Revaux sunglasses at #nordstrom!
Check mate @nickwalkerstudio 🖤
super sexy pic of our music video for what some people are saying could be the number ONE song in the world.  Now, I don’t know about that, BUT I do know it’s definitely going to be The Number Song in the world 🌍🎶 COMING THIS SUNDAY #thenumbersong (ps new vlog go watch YEET)
One writ large. One small.  Hard to do both, eh? Hanx.
✨💖..... Because everyday woman should be celebrated, not only on 8th of March......✨💖
We are Groot! Full video on my Facebook
As we celebrate #internationalwomensday, bringing a discussion of paid maternity leave to the forefront is one very important and deeply personal way that I #pressforprogress. The link in my bio shares more of my thoughts. Join me! | #repost @honest_beauty Stronger together. ✊
To celebrate #iwd2018, I’m remembering the powerful women I met while filming and #doyoustories with @PUMA. We covered bullying, self-defense, and self-expression through the arts. It’s time for season two, what women’s empowerment topics or amazing women do you want us to cover? Let me know in the comments below
Today we celebrate the women before us and the girls who will become women and lead the charge ahead of us! 👸🏻 In the US, search interest in "girl power" hit an all time high in 2017. Happy International Women's Day! ✊🏼✊🏼
To celebrate today’s #internationalwomensday I’ll be curating @natgeo’s Instagram feed, selecting and sharing powerful images taken by National Geographic’s emerging female photographers around the world. Women photographers are often under-represented and under-celebrated, so I’m thrilled to mark this day by profiling the talented female story-tellers and image-makers that are working hard to build empathy across borders x #iwd2018 #timesup
This happened 💇🏽‍♀️ thx @chadwoodhair for the awesome #haircut - it feels sooo good to shed the pregnancy hair. Whaddaya think?
3rd workout of the day for me -man it was hard, but oh so good- thanks @nichelle for the motivation and for my friends #teamworkmakesthedreamwork @kellysawyer @derekblasberg @casdelta 💪🏽💦🚲 love you guys!
VF 💛
earlier on..... make up @patrickta hair  @laurapolko
✨Last year at @vanityfair✨#OSCARS ✨
Sending all my love and 🙏 to @kealasettle and @pasekandpaul. Crush it tonight at the #oscars #thisisme
Can you name which #fastandfurious film? #teampw
#tbt That first time hearing a song from #greatestshowman feeling. Wishing you all best of luck at #academyawards this weekend. @thehughjackman @visualprostitute @kealasettle @pasekandpaul @zendaya @greatestshowman
Poor little shoe!  Little kid shoe!  Hanx!
That’s a wrap. Here’s to the #wickedcrew that made it all possible. 🙏😎🚀
Last day. Don’t stop us now. #wickedcrew #setlife #namedmywigld
white boy, whiter biceps 💪🏻
“Ignore the noise, focus on your work.” #teampw
Thank you @therealpeterlindbergh I adore, adore, adore you. @vogueaustralia cover shoot styled by @hanneshetta, hair by @odilegilbert_official and makeup by @stephane_marais_official. Link in bio to see the full video 🐐
I helped guest edit @vogueaustralia’s March issue dedicated to conversations about sustainability and “Designing the Future”. I am so proud of this! @Edwinamccann thank you for making my editing dreams come true. Link in my bio to read my guest editor letter.
Coming soon... @vogueaustralia
There is no question that #timesup should be and will be a global movement. A movement that is defined and led by those affected by the problem, not by those in power.  Tessa Thompson with Marai Larasi from Imkaan. Gemma Arterton with Eileen Pullen and Gwen Davis, two of the women who staged a three week walk-out from Ford’s Dagenham plant in 1968. Andrea Riseborough with Phyll Opoku-Gyimah from UK Black Pride. Naomie Harris with journalist Afua Hirsch. Gemma Chan with activist Laura Bates.🖤
So blessed to be able to create... so thankful to you all for being supportive. Excited to share what is to come. All love.
Amazing work from @htarba 👏 #fanartfriday #teampw
can’t see the haters  well. only with one eye which is less than two eyes statistically speaking fuk where has this caption gone #valentinesday
Could not read this fast enough. Now sorry I’ve finished!  Hanx
Paul's passion for marine biology was always at the forefront. Follow @PaulWalkerFdn to help keep the legacy alive! #teampw
New York traffic sucks but it's one of the only places that makes me want to dress like a grown woman 🏙👩🏻‍💼👅🤡
All new Tonight Show - TONIGHT!! #fallontonight
New Tonight Show starts in 10 minutes!!! That means you have more than enough time to get NBC on your TV and start watching or recording!!! We have Super Bowl champs the Philadelphia Eagles, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and DIPLO ft MO and GOLDLINK. Turn it up. #fallontonight
Infinity wars... very exciting.  #wearegroot
hey im back wut year is it
Let’s go home!  Hanx!
Major Shine for Elton tonight 🕶
Got to pretend I was in Miami instead of freezing New York with @AmericanExpress tonight to celebrate the exciting new #hiltonamex partnership #amexambassador
If you know what's good
Look what I found 🕵🏻‍♀️#GRAMMYs @bensplatt
SUITED UP 🛠 #grammys
Met Champ Anthony Joshua in UK on the Graham Norton Sho-oooof!  Hanx.
Tonight at the O2 arena... Blessed.
Beware!  Who climbed out of that sewer??? Hanx.
All love...
It’s 2018. Let’s grab life by the Pokéballs.
Japan will never be the same 🇯🇵
J63 Jacket @erlsn.acr #acrnm
Massive respect to my good friend Takuji Masuda for his skills on the ocean and for his film Bunker77 the true life odyssey of an American Rebel. Link to trailer in bio @bunker77film