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Liam - ( SHREDDER ) - Mckeon


🏆 IPE PRO -WNBF PRO BODYBUILDER 🚫 Lifetime Drugfree natural athlete 🍲 Nutrition specialist.. 💻 online/bb/figure/bikini coach 💥 Teamlean

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I don't do comfort zones, i will devour any obstacle in my path to get where I need to be!!!, comfort zones won't make me who I want to be!!!,, head down and move iron mode!!!
I am only ever at ease under the bar, mind set free of all other problems and clear minded for that short amount of time, it's a time to savour and I do every session,, #clearmindset #deepndirty
Hammie warm up before the storm 😈😈😈😈
My favourite time of the week,, #humpday time to climb under a bar and reign terror on the teardrops,, #legs about to get demolished
It's #flexfriday banana skins on and throw a few shapes 😉
Time to bring the standard back!!! The shredder standard!!! 😉
Sssssshhhhhhhhhredder you can know all the talk and technical jargon to make you sound clever, but can you produce the shit??? My actions don't need big words the product speaks for itself
This unit is tighter than anyone will ever know or realise, unbreakable unconditional loyalty and love,,, your one in a million mam and this man would be nothing by without you,,, #thequeen
Creating human kevlar 😉
Rise and grind people it's #flexfriday get up and #dowork,,, #abs #chest #legs #quads #glutes #shoulders #triceps #biceps #calfs #liammckeon #ipepro #shredder
Enjoying this downtime and making some serious gains, but I will be excited to see what lays underneath the layers of excess a whole new shredder 😉 #legs #quads #squats #humpday #legday #beastmode #ipepro
6am #dowork no plans for stage just to create a new shredder, tbh thinking of giving up the pro status and hit the UK feds, told you 180-190 would be the productive area 😉
This games about walking the walk, we can all talk the talk, practice what you preach, or don't preach at all!!! Shredder
Young man asks me.. Shredz am training like a warrior and eating like a porper, practically starving myself but weight won't shift if anything has gone up again,.why mate?? . Needed to keep it simple but to the point,  Any high spec machine needs the right amount of fuel and oil to perform at its best, or that machine will gradually stop performing well and eventually stop! Think of the weight loss and bf drop like this... The body is a furnace when in calorie deficit burning burning burning but once you stop adding fuel to the furnace it will fizzle out and stop burning, over load it with fuel it will go out, key is to keep little amounts going in to keep it burning strong never ever stop the fuel going in or the fire stops burning!!! No spread sheet or seminar needed  Shredz slang!!!
Morning yall , killing cobbles,
Funny how the BB community overlook old shreds as I don't talk the jargon,I have forgot more than most will ever know about this sport,in the gym or the kitchen,yet still learning daily, that's a good coach and athlete, never stop absorbing,so you think this look was produced by luck??? I try to put out content to keep you awake not bore you to fucking sleep 😂😂😂😂,, it's not babestation either that's my breasts 😂😂😂
Mornin!!! #dowork
#flexfriday.... Love the life you lead, and live it to the fullest,,, what ever you do in life it's about full commitment and giving your all, if not what's the point in walking that path!!! #iperpro elite the standard!!!
Just left the gym, looking like I had been beat up, that's the way it should always be!!! If your leaving with a smile and fresh still smelly of armani ya doing it fucking wrong, I aint here to look like a model, I'm here to carve a fucking monster...I'm a monster not a fucking model 💪
Deep in that zone, and the weight falls off 😕😕
6.41am #legs been demolished before the birds are even awake, squats for breakfast,weighed in 184.7 most productive area of off season is rolling between 180-190 this is the time to make it count.. Off to my clients now and to help others reach there goals... #humpday #wheeleswednesday #legday #squats #quads #calfs #hams #glutes #biglegs #ipepro #liamckeon #shredder #onlinecoach #personaltrainer #lmfitness #teamlean #sws