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Kristen McAtee


I feel weird Snapchat: @kristenmcatee Twitter: @kristenmcatee

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now what? @revolve #revolvefestival #ad
i thought i heard a fart behind me but nobody was there, weird lol @revolve #revolvefestival #ad
FRAGILE handle with care like seriously i have arthritis in my left hip and scoliosis @revolve #revolvefestival #ad
i didn’t know which shoes to wear so i wore both 🤷‍♀️ @revolve #revolvefestival #ad
my fren lisa mak mi smile
i love my friends thank you 4 surprising me for my bday im still crying 💝
No more bullshit. I don’t care what age, what gender, whatever, YOU’RE ALL BABES - we only have one shot in this life people, so let’s just coexist in the mean time. I don’t know when peace will come, but it would be a hell of a lot easier if we looked at each other as equal. We get so caught up in who can yell louder and sometimes forget what we’re even yelling for. If we could vocalize our differences with respect, I think we could get a little closer to a solution. A little closer is better than nothing. Anyway, y’all fine as hell. Enjoy this life. Make moves. Express yourself. Proud of you. Thanks you Nasty Gal X Jaydee for expressing yourself on my favorite article of clothing #nastygalsdoitbetter @nastygal #ad
me n a yallow flowur whaddup
hey link wrong way lolz
happy international womens day everyone✨feeling blessed to have my lady parts today and sending nothing but positivity to all the amazing women in my life. Today I teamed up with @soulcycle and @alc_ltd to wear the hell out of this tank in honor of all the girls that are from under resourced communities and want to make their beautiful dreams a reality. All profits from this tank go to Step Up- a non profit that empowers these girls to be confident, ready for college, and focused on absolutely killing it in their careers. If you want to match me and support this amazing cause, go to any SoulCycle and get one of these bbs. and thank you @andi.elloway for making me feel less awkward while taking pictures 📷
wow this would’ve looked like a cool pic from the 80’s if there wasn’t an iphone in it
i had a dream an eye ball grew out of my left wrist and i can’t stop thinking about it lol enough about me how are you