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Lifetime Natural Athlete💯 JESSICA AREVALO YOUTUBE🎥 SnapChat👻Jess_Arevalofit Coaching 📩JAFWellness@gmail.com GREAT WALL OF CHINA VLOG⬇️

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I’ve been getting a lot of questions about what my workouts and nutrition consist of to say in shape the way I do... - I’ve always believed in balance when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. My workouts consist of the Old school Arnold way of working out. My dad taught me bodybuilding when I was 17 years old and taught me to never neglect any muscle group that way my body will always be proportionate. - - My workout split normally goes something like this👇🏼 - Monday - Quad & Hamstrings - Tuesday - Back & Biceps - Wednesday - Shoulders & Abs - Thursday - Chest & Triceps - Friday - Glutes & Hamstrings - - Cardio - 20-30 Min run or stairmill 5x per week - On the weekends I normally choose something different then the gym to get my heart rate up and going. - - My diet consists of 1800-2200 calories per day. With a healthy balance of protein, carbs & fats with the occasional cheat meals or wine😏 - My daily supplements are multi vitamin, plant based protein shakes, superfood drink & BCAAS (I don’t take pre workouts or fat burners) - Remember everyone is different when it comes to what the individuals goals are. Not everyone can do the same thing. - If anyone is interested in learning what works best for their body and wants to learn from me. I can definitely help you and be your coach! Email 📩 Jafwellness@gmail.com
Ab game strong😏 - My favorite body part on myself has to be my abs da booty lol! - - What’s y’all favorite body part on yourself or on a woman? - - Learn my ways! DM or email me for more information on jump starting your fitness journey on becoming my client email📩 Jafwellness@gmail.com
There are so many different variations of squats! - - This is your basic wide stance squat with my toes turned just a little outward! Def my go to!😍 - Learn my ways! I’m now accepting clients for the month of March! DM or email📩 Jafwellness@gmail.com
#transformationtuesday - For those of you who don't know me too well. Let me introduce myself...this transformation is 15 years in the making. From the age of 17 years old to now 32 years old. - - I come from a very hard background from surviving any kind of abuse you can think of to severe depression, anxiety, panic attacks and alcoholism. Being 93 pounds and being able to throw down a 5th of whiskey and be functioning was pretty bad... - - I hit rock bottom 6 years ago and willingly tried to submit myself into a hospital. Mentally I couldn't fight my inner demons anymore. The doctor told me we are going to put you on anxiety medicine. Being in a substance abused home I am deathly afraid of any drugs. I chose to start reading and praying every morning to FIGHT my way out of the darkness I was in. After 1 year of consistently doing this I fought my way out of the depression, anxiety and panic attacks. I faced my fears every single day.🙏 - - I was then introduced to the sport of bodybuilding. Now people ask me how I was able to compete (33 shows) and go through the preps mentally. The truth is the mental battle that I fought my way out of bodybuilding was a walk in the park. Bodybuilding gave me structure that I never had. It taught me what self discipline, dedication and sacrifice was. - - Now I am truly living my dreams and helping people through my story and own experiences. Anyone out there who is experiencing these things. KNOW you will come out OK. Put your faith in God and start living a healthier lifestyle. Not to just look good physically but most importantly mentally. -  My transformation on left I was 93 pounds 17 years old, alcoholic, depressed, anxiety and panic attacks where I numbed it with alcohol. Picture on the right I am a healthy 118 pounds and the most healthy I have ever been in my life at 32 years old. -  I still fight everyday to become my best self and stay on track. Life is not easy but remember God will never put you through something
#fbf - - Competition weight | 5’1 | 107 Pounds - - Off season | 113 Pounds - - This was somewhere in between😏 - What’s your current stats? - #lifetimenaturalathlete💯
"Imperfection is beauty, Madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring." - ~Marilyn Monroe - #tbt w/ My Favorite Photographer @irmalomidze
ME VS ME - Often times we fall short because we compare ourselves to others. What they have, their journey etc. We grab everyones strengths and try to make this perfect version of ourselves that honestly doesn’t even exist. - Society also tells us and feeds us constantly on what perfection is and what we should be. It’s a fact we will fall short of the standards we create in our own mind by comparing ourselves and what society paints as perfect. - If we live life like this and not identify it we will always fall short and it will cause us to not accept who we are as individuals. I believe our greatest gift is embracing who we are fully. Our uniqueness is who we are AND THATS WHAT DEFINES US. Just because society calls it imperfect doesn’t mean we aren’t beautiful or good enough. - - If you are living your life comparing yourself and trying to live up to societies standards. Stop yourself there. Embrace who you are and know you are good enough. Know the only person you need to focus on being better then is YOURSELF. It is our job to be ourselves and embrace ourselves fully. If you are not doing that you will never be happy. - - WAKE UP - YOU ARE MORE THAN GOOD ENOUGH! EMBRACE WHO YOU ARE! THAT IS YOUR GIFT TO THIS WORLD! - - #backtomymorningruns #myelement
Killed my back and bicep workout today!😈 - Finding balance in your daily health and fitness is not always easy. The key is to stay consistent. If you miss a day a week or even a month. That’s OK. WE ARE HUMAN. - - Never lose sight of your goal! It seems the more we don’t do what we’re suppose to do the further we get away from it. Don’t be that person. I have experienced this before. - Stay consistent no matter what, work hard, don’t give up! - - To learn my ways DM or Email me! I am now taking clients to for the month of March! 📩 Jafwellness@gmail.com
Hope this puts a smile on everyone’s face today like it did mine!😂😍 - My 1 year old little brother Rocco! Happiest baby ever!😩 - Rocco is Chinese, white & Filipino - Comment with a 😊 if this made you smile!
About last night😏 - Vegas oh how I love you!❤️ - Who’s ever been to Vegas and where’s your favorite hotel to stay?
For everyone that’s been following me on YouTube you all know what I’ve been going through. - - Taking everyday one day at a time is so important not just in rough times but as a daily goal to find balance. We so often look to the future future future but what’s most important is the PRESENT. - - Mathew 6:34 - “So don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring it’s own worries. Today’s trouble is enough for today. - Focusing on doing my best daily has put a lot into perspective for me. It allows me to focus on what’s most important and not overwhelm myself for what isn’t even sure to come. - - Everyday we can only do our best and that is enough. You do enough. You are enough.🙏🏼❤️ - Third week back in the gym consistently and it feels so good! - - #onedayatatime #backonthegrind
#transformationtuesday - Picture on the left I weigh 93 pounds (21 years old) and on the right I weigh 115 pounds (32 years old). No surgeries No BS just straight hard work and putting the work in for years!🙌🏼 - My journey has not been an easy one, but it's definitely been worth it. I completely changed my life with fitness learning how to be the best I can be from the inside out! I feel most people only focus on bettering their outer appearance and ignore what's going on inside. Remember the transformation from the inside is what's most important because what the mind does the body will follow. Always remember that if you're not doing what makes you happy then it's not worth it! - - Live the life you've always dreamed of because if I can do it then I promise you, SO CAN YOU but it all starts with your health!💯 - If you are serious about starting your fitness journey and transforming your body I would love to help you get there! I am now taking clients for the month of FEBRUARY Email me📩 JAFWellness@gmail.com - #canwetalkaboutmyhairthough😂😫
Micro blading at its finest!😍 - I have been getting a lot of questions on my eyebrows the last few days and I wanted to give you all an update! - I had got my eyebrows micro-bladed a few months back and wasn’t happy with how they turned out. So I did some intense research this time around and decided to go with @makeupmauloa! - - I went in and she advised me that my previous micro blading session had permanently tattooed me meaning she had went too deep and the strokes were overlapping each other as well as the color being off. I never knew I’d be that girl to get bad micro blading done!😩 But I was! - The reason I’m posting this is because I want girls to know it’s very important to find someone that KNOWS what they are doing! Our eyebrows are one of the most important features on our face. - I decided to get this done because it’s semi permanent and as much as I am in the gym I needed it! I’m absolutely obsessed and in love with how symmetrical they are! @makeupmauloa seriously is very gifted and took her time to explain everything that she was going to correct and making sure I was 100% happy with the shape and placement of the strokes! I’ll be doing a more in depth YouTube video on this because I don’t want girls to experience what I did! - - I highly recommend @makeupmauloa! This is not a shout-out or trade i paid for her services. I just genuinely LOVED her work and wanted to share with you all! - - If y’all are interested in getting a session with her she has direct links on her page in her bio! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!🙌🏼 @makeupmauloa
Super Bowl Sunday got me like...😏 - Who’s it going to be Patriots or Eagles?🏈
Everyday is a new opportunity to LIVE, LAUGH & LOVE!💕 - @KANJESSO is now fully restocked with our Luna 2 piece set! It comes in blush, grey and burgundy! - - I am doing a GIVEAWAY of this outfit! This 2 piece Luna set comes in burgundy and grey as well! To WIN THIS OUTFIT: - - 1. FOLLOW👉🏼 @KanJesso 2. Like recent photo  3. Comment and tag 2 friends - - WINNER WILL BE ANNOUNCED TOMORROW on my IG story!😘 (You can enter more than once) - - SHOP LINK IN BIO!👆🏼
We need women who are so strong they could be gentle, so educated they can be humble, so fierce they can be compassionate, so passionate they can be rational, and so disciplined they can be free." - -Kavita Ramdas - Tag a strong woman✨
HERE ARE THE TOP 3 WINNERS!😍 - This was a very hard decision because everyone did so incredible!🙏🏼 I honestly wish I could choose everyone to win! But these girls went above and beyond and had the best transformations not only physically but mentally! - - #1) @_lety93 Leticia Perez  174 - 147 Pounds |TOTAL LOSS|  27 Pounds - - #2)  @michaela_royea Kayla Royea - 196 - 171 Pounds |TOTAL LOSS|  25 Pounds - - #3) @tinathomas__ Christina Thomas - 180 - 159 Pounds | TOTAL LOSS| 20 Pounds - PRIZES ARE AS FOLLOWS: - - 1st place: $2,000 Check & a full paid trip to California to spend the day with me! - 2nd place: $1,000 Check - - 3rd place: $500 Check - ALSO THE "NEW YEAR NEW YOU CHALLENGE" ENROLLMENT OPENS TOMORROW!😍 SO STAY ON THE LOOKOUT!
This is definitely harder then it looks! Especially after LEG DAY!😭😩 - Riding bare back teaches me how to balance which is very important for a beginner rider. This is def a challenge but I love challenges!🤠😻 - #myfaceissoconcentrated #cantditchtheworkoutclotheslol - - P.S. Sorry for the no noise on my phone. Need to get a new one because my sound all of a sudden turned off!🙄
Taking up riding lessons again!🤠 Back to the basics on bare back riding to get my balance down! Not gonna lie riding is very physical and is a good workout on many levels!😳 - Sometimes it's nice to have a different outlet and be outdoors!😻Several months ago I took lessons and absolutely fell in love with it! Wanting to own my own horse one day it definitely takes a lot of dedication and time to get comfortable with horses and learn how to ride!🙏🏼 - I'll be taking up riding 1-2x weekly and working slowly towards barrel racing in the future! - - Who else rides!?🤗 - #yesimextrawithmycowboyhat #andleopardboots
My motivation for today's gym session!😻 - Found this video from my Monty Hall prep series this past summer from clips of me competing! Ohhh the feels watching this video!😈 - And yes those are my natural boobs #socklife is real!😂 Who remembers that!? - - I normally step on stage at 107 pounds off season I keep it's around 115 pounds! I'm 5'1-3/4 lol!☺️ -