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Jaida Zabala


capturing beautiful faces in beautiful places orlando, florida // NYC ๐Ÿ“ธ email: zabalajaida@gmail.com โœจpersonal account: jaidazabala

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brooklyn.. bridge.. baby... bellisimo
nessa and i while taking this: she looks like a broadway star
our 1,838,321st time in brooklyn, our first time on the brooklyn bridge
cross my heart hope to die
a beautiful test photo for a film shot
i could use a coffee right now
i’m not complaining but i really don’t know how we caught an empty union square park
posting this sunset a year later to make sure ur not sick of seeing the same exact sunlight 500 different ways in a bunch of other instagram posts!!
editing a bunch of new photos from the city last weekend of kelly and i’m SO EXCITED to post but for now he’s one of my fave pics ever aND of kelly
pretty sure when i saw this photo was the exact moment i realized im actually pretty good at this lol
*a photography rendition of the Author DW meme*
since i’m back home, why not a round of throwback photos?
missing my cold brew kween****
our fate lives within us ๐Ÿน
missing my coffee kween
a trip to hollywood boulevard and orlando all in one
what a prime time for a photoshoot
i wont be having a blue xmas with you ๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ’™
*dramatically takes off jacket*
powerline tour
bubble gum wall more like bubbleYUM!!!