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The unopened bud of the caper bush is grown on the arid, rocky hills of Sicily is picked and pickled in the early morning. They burst with flavour as well as polyphenols, flavonoids and anthocyanins. Delicious and nutritious gems atop our tuna or vegan pasta puttanesca. The Mongolian lamb has leeks- also good.
Did you know our pre-k through G5 snacks like today’s melon wedges and granary garlic toast are not just tasty, but are made in house, so never come in single use packages? Join a snack subscription and enjoy nutritious food an environmentally friendly action.
I learned yesterday that the premium USA Russet potatoes that have become legendary at a hka Faculty event are the same 🥔 we serve our students on our baked 🥔 menu. Either with bacon broccoli and cheddar or vegan. If they don’t like the humble 🥔 we also have farm raised artisanal Fish Ball curry a HK classic. What’s good for the goose...
Hin (not the 🐼) joined us last year on apprenticeship from the Hong Chi Pine Hill school for those with intellectual disabilities. He graduated last week and continues helping us in the kitchen full time. Preparing school meals isn’t all just fun and games. It takes hard work too. With people like Hin helping out the hard work often seems like fun and games.
Our Polenta, (grits in the southern US), is made by slowly simmering 🌽 meal until it is the smooth creamy texture of buttery mash. It is naturally gluten and fat free and a perfect carrier of our slo-braised USDA Angus Chuck. #schoolmealsthatrock
To put in time, energy, work and make something good is useful. But to take a risk and put in heart and soul maybe you make something that could improve the world a bit. Our partners at hkaEATS from places  like Norway, Denmark, France, Hong Kong are doing just that. We feel lucky to work with them. Bon Appetite.
@chefcrsh preparing 50 litres of hot cocoa while librarian Mrs. May prepares to dispense hkaEATS cookies and cocoa to 250 storytelling attendees. #litteracyftw!
Friendly reminder February ends this Wednesday please order March meals or subscription soon. If you do your students could get a lovely bento like this with unlimited soup, salad, drink and mains (if they finish their vegetables and fruit). Why wait? Act now!❤️❤️❤️
HkaEATS team making Brown bag lunches just like 👨‍🍳 Chris’s mother used to make. All bundled up for a sunny Primary School Sports Day under the watchful eye of Ma On Shan.
Kung Hei Fat Choi! hkaEATS wishes our entire community health, wealth, prosperity, happiness and wholesome tasty meals in the year of the 🐶. 🔴❤️
Hard working team taking a well deserved break. Kung hei, Kung hei, Kung hei!
Some people wonder how we make vegan mac n cheese. The simple answer is: magic. For those who need more, think on the cauliflower and what a versatile vegetable it is. It is so handy that we also use it to substitute some of the cheese in our beefy mac too. Every night the hkaEATS team dreams of ways to pack school lunch with tasty wholesome nutrition. 😘
Did you know: primary students on a meal subscription have a special hkaeats pack lunch when they have field trips? The field trip lunch consists of fresh fruit, boxed juice, whole grain cookies, whole grain snack (like garlic croutons or popcorn) and a personal cheese pizza. From our 💓 to your 👩‍🎓.
DJ Lan and MC Chris are rapping to remind you today is the last day to order February meal and snack subscription and that February meals begin tomorrow. Get it while it’s hot! Yo.
Recently someone asked about the sustainability of our “plastic” bentos served for GK to G3 students (and now PK ASA). We serve the same wholesome foods in our bentos as we do to our UP, Secondary, and staff. Sustainable? The box and cutlery in this picture have been used & sent through an industrial washer, every meal day, for nearly two years with no sign of wear. Btw today’s EE- Fu noodles (veg or shrimp) and sausage penne are yummy!
No doubt the feature of today’s school lunch is our sustainable Norwegian roast salmon. But don’t dismiss our braised pork or vegan “bo-jai-fan” baked rice dishes also with sustainable ingredients(like student farm vegetables and danish pork) and wholesome warming properties for the coming chill.
As the cold-front moves in, today’s warming feature was Chicken Congee a Cantonese favourite. If students prefer we also served Chilli Con Carne (with beans) or Vegan Chilli Non Carne. Yummy!
Friendly reminder, that as Wednesday is a half day we don’t serve normal snack or meal. However we are still hard at work preparing tasty, wholesome meals alacarte such as today’s grilled sustainable fish with new potato, HK style pork chop rice, and vegan veggie and tofu with glass noodle. All are welcome.
Today’s warming pre-k snack macaroni, herbs and vegetables in warm broth.
Never to be forgotten, our snack subscribers and Pre-K students today are enjoying fresh whole grain cheesy garlic toast with organic, picked-fresh school-garden parsley and Hami Melon.
Chef Chris learned of Kedgeree as culinarily director bringing Pret A Manger to Asia. Pret prides itself on creativity and the kedgeree sandwich is a crowning jewel. Our school kedgeree (sustainable fish or vegan tofu in a baked curry rice)isn’t as avant garde, but still, using wholesome ingredients and carefully cooking offers this unique and warming lunch to ward of the winter chill.