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Best Football Highlights! πŸ”₯🏈


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I’m done with life, Giving this account away, just like the photo and I’ll put all the names of who likes it in a random name selector. Good luck, will announce the winner in a week.
He makes it look so easy 😀πŸ”₯ @deshaunwatson Via (@brutalfball)
@obj got his revenge! 😨πŸ”₯ #doubletap fast! @flyruns  I’m back and will be posting highlights again!!!
Sorry bout being inactive on this account been focusing on other things and just haven’t had time. But comment if u wanna see edit like these or just highlights, I’ll be posting again soon. 😬
Never forget! πŸ”₯😱 #doubletap fast! @fatalfball
Remember this brawl?! 😱πŸ”₯ #doubletap fast πŸ”₯ @jukeds
What do you think about Jabrill Peppers?! πŸ”₯😨 #doubletap fast! @jukeds
Damn he was good! πŸ”₯😨 #doubletap fast! @jukeds
@obj at the combine! πŸ”₯😨 #doubletap fast! @fatalfball
Clemson mannequin prank! πŸ”₯πŸ˜‚ #doubletap fast! @fatalfball
Spin Cycle! πŸ”₯😱 #doubletap fast! @harder
Damn! 😱😨 #doubletap fast! @boldspins
#throwback to when @obj stepped over Norman and then mocked Cam Newtons dab! πŸ”₯πŸ˜‚ @fatalfball
Damn!! πŸ”₯😱 Comment "trucked" letter by letter uninterrupted! @fatalfball
How did he stay up!? πŸ”₯😱 #doubletap fast! @fatalfball
@obj at the pro bowl in his rookie year! πŸ”₯😱 #doubletap fast! @harder
Lil beast mode! πŸ”₯😱 #doubletap fast! @fatalfball
Ankles πŸ”₯😱 #doubletap fast! @fatalfball
He got knocked out cold! 😨πŸ”₯ #doubletap fast! @fatalfball
Cam Newton at the combine! πŸ”₯😱 #doubletap fast! @jukeds
OMG how?! πŸ”₯😨 #doubletap fast! @fatalfball