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Attempting BE QHPC Meelickisland Lad Gatsby

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Gatsby was good tonight doing some pole work πŸ’ƒ Starting to feel more supple and responding to my legs individually better just had one pathetic little moment when he wanted to be sassy but he’s also really lazy (swipe) when he decided the top of the school was scary  but was much less spooky and concentrated well! Opal is plastered in mud, he’s very pleased with himself 😏
Gatsby jumped brilliantly today popping round a decent little course! Very happy with him for getting over the filler and he was so honest with a very skinny skinny and me being half asleep round the turns! He’s definitely jumping better now the fences are getting a little bit bigger ❀️ Thank you @francescapageeventing I noticed you making the oxer bigger without telling me tho πŸ˜‚
#failfriday when I just sit there so poor gatters has to save us and find a stride and takes a flyer πŸš€ He’s so honest and popped it perfectly afterwards ❀️ • Schooled nicely tonight not the most consistent in his head but was much more balanced doing some lovely circle work. Jump lesson tomorrow which should be good 😊
Belton International Horse Trials starts tomorrow!!! With 120 shops, a brand new Gin Den (run by Jim and Tonic), the Family Zone, multiple bars and food stalls, dog agility shows, gate-jumping, inter-hunt relay and much more there is a lot to look forward to! Lots of your favourite riders will be there such as Gemma Tattersall, Oliver Townend, Izzy Taylor, Piggy French and many more! Click the link in my bio to book tickets or pay on the day 😊 @bedeevents
Gatsby has been absolutely brilliant all week on a little bootcamp with @francescapageeventing !! Both jumping and flatwork feel better and he was a star xc schooling at Aston on Monday popping loads of 90 fences and a few 100s! Plus a couple of clips of gatters jumping at cesca’s at the end  Well deserved day off for him yesterday and he schooled really nicely tonight feeling much more supple and forward ❀️
How good is the ground looking at Belton?!! BEDE have done a brilliant job! So excited 😊  Click the link in my bio to book! @bedeevents
Gatters schooling yesterday ❀️ He schooled really nicely and felt much more supple also did a bit of polework as they were out in the school which he found very exciting! Day off for him today as going to @francescapageeventing ‘s tomorrow with him for a few days! So excited! Opal has started walking work as with it being the holidays I have more time and a couple of weeks earlier won’t make a huge difference so happy to be back on him even if it’s just walk for now, not that he’s being particularly well behaved πŸ˜‚β€οΈ
Little video of our two tests yesterday πŸ’ƒ We didn’t have a great start with Gatsby having a tantrum and thought we might not make it into the warm up but once we finally got in he was really good! Concentrated well and wasn’t very spooky at all so very happy with him! Did two nice tests for two seconds, lots to work on but proud of Gatsby for working nicely and I’m getting better at getting him over his meltdowns πŸ˜‚ Overall a good first competition ❀️
Little raw of Gatters schooling yesterday! He worked nicely and was much more relaxed ❀️ Ignore me I’m still getting used to him. He’s having a well deserved day off today after a busy few days!  Also the saddler was back out yesterday as we’re having a few problems with the saddler still not sure about it but fingers crossed it’ll be fitting better!
#throwback to Opal beasting the last two fences at the arena eventing finals! These were so spooky I just wanted to make it over them!! • I hacked Gatsby out yesterday and he was an absolute star!He had a leap about before the first little gallop out of excitement but had a nice blast and pulled up and dealt with everything really well! ❀️ #meelickislandlad
Thank you so much @francescapageeventing for a brilliant lesson! HUGE improvement on the flat, looking forward to Friday now! So excited for everything we are planning in the holidays 😊
Finally spoke to the vet today and both him and the vet who saw him at Newmarket agreed he should have another 4 weeks field rest then try and slowly bring him back into work again, 2/3 weeks of walk then gradually introduce trot over another 2/3 weeks and if there is still a problem then he has to go back to hospital but if that goes well then the vet will come out to check on him and we will keep slowly increasing his work 🀞 #meelickislandlad #allipostisvetupdates
Gatsby schooling on Monday πŸ’ƒ There’s still lots of work to do but we’re definitely getting more used to each other 😊 Showed him some fillers yesterday which was interesting but he was much more relaxed by then end and have a jump lesson on Saturday which should be good! Opal is out without a rug atm and looks like a hippo tbh ❀️ Excuse the quality 😩
Opal loved galloping about in the snow today (this isn’t from today there was a lot more snow) but I am so fed up with the weather!  Couldn’t ride Gatters cause the path to the indoor was quite icy so didn’t want him to hurt himself and the ground is so bad even when the weather is better hacking is going to be awful! 😩
Gatsby was an absolute star today schooling beautifully in the freezing weather! Didn’t spook at all, concentrated and worked over his back really well despite, understandably, hating the cold ❀️ • Opal was really warm out in the field and is very happy bullying the cows πŸ˜‚
*Instagram killed the quality πŸ™„* Sums up me jumping gatters, constantly thanking him for being a legend and saving us ❀️ Took Gatsby back for a lesson with @francescapageeventing today and thank you Francessca and gatters for putting up with me πŸ˜‚ He loaded and traveled perfectly! As I’ve not jumped him for a while and I’m getting used to a new saddle kept it small but once we, mainly me, got over the scary fillers he jumped really nicely and felt much more secure by the end 😊  Hopefully will do a bit of polework with him this week and show him some fillers in the indoor  Also brought opal in to clean him up a bit and he looked a little more horse like πŸ’©
Who is better looking tho? 😍 • Took Gatsby out on a hack for the first time today with @eventingmurph and he was a star, a little tense start with but got more and more relaxed as we went on. Very excited to jump him in the morning! 😊 • Ringing the vet on Monday to decide what is happening with Opal he’s very happy atm in the field ❀️
Gatsby in our lesson on Tuesday 😍 He was very fresh tonight after not being out since last weekend and haven’t been able to ride him the last couple of days but after a little jump about he worked really nicely and didn’t lean at all! He seems really happy and settled and he’s so cuddly ❀️ Was going to take him for a jump lesson tomorrow but the roads are way too icy 😩! • Opal is loving field rest and is nice and warm despite the horrible weather!