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"Books are, let's face it, better than everything else." -- Nick Hornby, The Polysyllabic Spree. 📖📚2018: 8/50

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Looking forward to being able to garden again soon, but until then, I’m making the most of this #snowday.
I ended up taking “The Garden of Small Beginnings” on the train earlier this week, but I spent most of the trip just staring out of the window. This weekend has had me on the sidelines of another soccer tournament, so I’ve been able to delve into this book, and so far it. is. hilarious.
I’m a sucker for the @audible_com #dailydeal, but I’ve been underwhelmed by my choices so far this year. On the bright side, my current listen, “Beneath A Scarlet Sky” by Mark Sullivan is off to a good start.
Taking the train to NYC in the morning, and trying to decide which of these babies is coming with me. After a full day of work meetings, I plan to score a confetti cake from @flourshop (to appease the tiny tyrant), but I also hope to have a little down time to explore. Know of any great independent bookstores near Penn Station or the financial district??
While I do not recommend staying up until 230a on the first night of daylight savings, I DO recommend reading “Sing Unburied Sing” by Jesmyn Ward. Calling to mind Toni Morrison and “Ways to Disappear” by Idra Novey, it’s  a beautifully written reminder that the world is cruel, but magical, and love doesn’t always look like we might expect.
#100pagesin and I’ve been holding my breath the entire time, waiting for the terrible to turn to unforgivable. Jesmyn Ward has a gift, however, for making you hopeful through the harrowing.
So many of my faves were featured at @barnesandnoble today. I’ve read 15/28, 10 more are languishing on my shelves and was super tempted to buy “A Brief History of Seven Killings.” Which of these do you love?
Stayed up late last night to finish “The Wife Between Us.” The authors did a great job creating tension and suspense, but the story formatting was overly complicated and the revealing of some of the unknowns was belabored. One interesting aspect is, that for a genre fueled by revenge and hate, the characters display a refreshing amount of compassion for each other.  Overall, it is a solid effort that lovers of the genre should enjoy.
Reading past my bedtime and in the dark since...well, for a very, very long time now. #readinginbed #bedtimestories
I have a rule for reading mysteries and thrillers: don’t read the jacket in detail. I broke my rule when reading “A Place of Execution, and suffered for it. The book is well done and clever, but I was reading for the plot twist and could not relax fully into the story. If you love suspense, skip the jacket reviews, and take my word that this one is worth the read.
Who else keeps an #emergencybook in the car?! The boy has a tournament this weekend, so I’m hiding in the car and staying warm between games with #soccermom staples: laptop, multiple iced teas and a psychological thriller.
#newbookondeck February was a slow book month for me, but warmer weather is motivating, and I’m ready to dive into my next read!
Spending this #snowysaturday doing a little reading and a lot of staring out the window.
I’ve spent the last few days in Paris celebrating my birthday (and not reading a single page 😮, although I did listen to a terrible audiobook— more about that later), and I came home to find that for my birthday, my guys had finally assembled the #littlefreelibrary they got me for Christmas! #happybirthday #merrychristmas
Easing into vacation with a heavy-duty crime mystery. . . . #aplaceofexecution #valmcdermid #603pages #vacationmode
The 4th Wednesday in January is National Library Shelfie Day, so I’m celebrating with a pic taken one year ago today. Can’t wait to have the bookshelves in our new house completed, so I can visit with all of my friends again!
Another day; another book delivery. And this time it's a winner! Taking this baby with me on vacation this weekend!!
Disappointment is racing up the stairs to grab what you KNOW is your recently purchased  copy of either "The Wife Between Us" or "The Last Mrs. Parrish" and finding this instead. #bookmailfail
#newbookondeck: My #bookstagram feed has been inundated with posts on "The Immortalists" by Chloe Benjamin, so this was the first book I bought in my shopping spree in anticipation for #spendfreefebruary. . . Have you read it? Did you love it?! . . . . #theimmortalists #chloebenjamin #book5of2018 #booksofinstagram #readinginsteadofwatching #futsal #soccermomlife #readwheneverwherever
"The People We Hate at the Wedding" is story about siblings Paul and Alice coming to terms with their half sister Eloise getting married. Now, I love a good dysfunctional family (hello "The Family Fang," "The Corrections"!), but there is so much self-pity throughout the book, it's hard to feel empathy for the characters, even when warranted...and it's usually not. The people they hated at the wedding was themselves, and I found myself feeling similarly. . . This book was fine. It was a quick read and parts were funny. I also thought the ending was done well.  I would not be surprised to discover that portions of the story are "true" in an exaggerated, revisionist history kind of way. The are a number of scenes/details that seem to be included as anecdotes that do not propel the story forward. . . If you've read this one and love it, let me know what I missed!