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Kenneth Coverstone


Weddings, families, and everything in between! Shoot me an email, DM, or text for pricing or info! Home base is Utah

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I'm back at @fotofly suckas! Haters gonna hate.
It's been an insane 2 days. I'll tell you all about it.... Another day. I'm drained.
I wrote a blog on why I chose to start specializing on photographing families with children that have autism. Follow the link in my bio to give it a read! Know someone while a child that has autism? Tag them in the comments! 👇👇
I'd be lying if I said this was on purpose. Yup I missed my focus but I'm alright with it.
Alright here's the big announcement. I am going to start specializing in photographing families and children with not only autism, but any sort of sensory processing disorders. I'll be writing a blog post tomorrow to elaborate a little more on it. Anyway, if you know someone who would benefit from this tag them in the comments!
Some big changes are coming. I'll announce what's going on later tonight.
Hey you. Yeah you. Here's the deal. I want to specialize in photographing children with autism, or any disability for that matter. I have a deep love for them, and the wonderful families that support them. Now here is where you come in, I need your help finding these families. So direct message me with some families, tag them in this post. Whatever floats your boat.
Alright people. Here is the plan. There is no plan. I need to be better about posting here. So I'm turning it over to my wife. She's way cooler than I am anyways.
So I drove down to Vegas yesterday, and I had a bunch of YouTube videos on social media branding and mumbo jumbo qued up to listen to for my job (I run the social media and do the photography for @grip6belt.) I thought I had downloaded all these videos. Turns out I put them on the list to be downloaded, and when I started listening to them they started downloading. And that's the story of how I used all my data the first day of the new billing cycle.
I know a lot of people say having 2 kids is way harder than having one. But they never talk about how amazing it is! It is the most amazing thing ever to see Marley (my 2 and 1/2 year old) be so in love with her baby sister. Everly (the 2 month old) got shots today and Marley has been checking on her all day, and giving her sisters legs plenty of kisses. Sure, Marley will occasionally tell Everly to shut up if she's crying, but for the most part she is such a caring big sister! PHOTO INFO Nikon D810 35 mm iso 100 f1.6 shutter 400 Learned this pose from @nhiyakayephoto and she calls it the catapult. You have the boy lead the girl and walk, then on the count of three you have him catapult her forward. Works like a charm for getting great smiles and some awesome movement in the shot. Edited this shot with a BW filter I made.
This is Emma. She was one of my very first photography students, and she's getting married! I'm so excited she asked me to shoot her wedding! Part of the reason I was so excited is because she's such a frigging amazing photographer herself (go check her out @elee.photo) . It's always scary shooting another photographer because you feel like they are judging your every move.  Photo info: Nikon D810 35mm at 1.8 iso 100 shutter 400 This was actually not my intended shot. We did a cute full body of them cuddling and I happened to notice this would be a perfect ring shot. I used @philchester presets pc02 and adjusted the tone curve a little to bring more contrast to the blacks.
I'm hanging out on my bed with my family right now. My 2 and a half year old is riding me like a horse, my 2 month is convinced she never needs to sleep, while my wife and I try to convince ourselves we aren't loosers for wanting to go to sleep so early. And I wouldn't want life to be any other way.
I'll be dropping some knowledge on your faces tonight. It's something very close to me and it's something that's been very difficult for me to talk about.
Let him sleep, for when he wakes he will move mountains.
Did you know I do in home newborn sessions? Well, if not, now you do. Meet Colt. This little dude is so freaking perfect. Plus he has a bear suit so we're basically already best friends.
I finally made a new logo. It only took a few hours of stippling ha. Now that I have carpal tunnel I'm gonna take a break! But here it is.  I live for the outdoors and mountains so I knew I had to incorporate that into the logo. I've also included the first letter from my amazing two daughters and it also happens to spell 'ME'. This is who I am.
It's late and I just got done bathing my two daughters and chasing my two year old so I could brush her hair while she was screaming "I don't want yo be beautiful!!!" So yeah. I'm a mean dad.
Ready for a great story? So as I was leaving to go to @photonative I noticed a couple cops heading into my neighborhood. Not really thinking too much other than how freaking cold it was I continued my trek to Provo. Not 5 mins into breakfast the woman next to me mentions this lockdown in place for residents in Herriman due to an active shooter situation. As my blood turned to ice in my veins and my heart was in my throat I just remember the ringing of the phone seemed to go on forever. When I heard my wife's tired voice croak 'hello' into the other end I felt my whole body relax. I told her what was going on and told her I was coming home. She assured me she was fine and to stay at my classes. I've learned my wife is always right so I listened to her. And I'm glad i did! I learned so much from those classes. I am excited to implement what I learned to benefit my amazing clients. And if you made it to the end of this post you deserve a  treat. But Instagram doesn't work like that. Sorry sucka! Huge thanks to @brookebschultz for her class on writing.
Guys. This shoot was nuts. It's amazingly beautiful! The vendors killed it. And @nhiyakayephoto still taught even though she is 9 months pregnant and was dealing with a cold. She was fantastic, and super dedicated to making sure everyone left with knew knowledge. #photonative2018 Hair and makeup: @alexcrabtreehmua Styling: @renatastone  Florals: @thepottedpansy  Cake: @flourandflourish  Jewelry: @marrowfine_ Dress: @altamodabridal @ruedeseine Models: @aubreecarter @Lifelikecarters Rugs: @shage.co ceramic plates and fluers:@Innerspacism Table and backdrop construction:@halitecity
Alright one more for tonight. @photonative @nhiyakayephoto makeup:@alexcrabtreehmua Styling: @renatastone  Florals: @thepottedpansy  Cake: @flourandflourish  Jewelry: @marrowfine_ Dress: @altamodabridal @ruedeseine Models: @aubreecarter  @Lifelikecarters  Rugs: @shage.co  ceramic plates and fluers:@Innerspacism  Table and backdrop construction:@halitecity #photonative2018
First day of @photonative down and I've already learned a ton! Thanks for the shoot today @nhiyakayephoto  Hair and makeup:@alexcrabtreehmua  Styling: @renatastone  Florals: @thepottedpansy  Cake: @flourandflourish  Jewelry: @marrowfine_ Dress: @altamodabridal @ruedeseine Models: @aubreecarter  @Lifelikecarters  Rugs: @shage.co  ceramic plates and fluers:@Innerspacism  Table and backdrop construction:@halitecity #photonative2018