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Fan page for Web Series CONfessionals!❤️ Images credited to original sources. Join AnimeUnlocked on Facebook. Link below.

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The photo reminds me of the IT movie. “Hey kid, I got CONfessionals down here,”
I imagine Rileigh May or may not have hated every show Mickey Malcolm was in.. 😂
I knew about the others but I was shocked when I found Christine was Shiho?! Can we like thank Atlus USA and the CONfessionals crew for such great casts
That clever child is meeee.
This is accurate if you’re like me and end up getting notifications in the night. 🤣
I am convinced that Rileigh could knock anyone out lol. 😂
With @clkstar ‘s love and light, I’ve started getting interest in the national/international days. I don’t care if I’m not American, I’ll celebrate National Corndog day, thank you very much. Oh and Happy ST.Patricks day! ☘️💚
Me with close minded people.
Unlocked is my favorite app. If you’re struggling to play the links I send you via Facebook, Unlocked has the CONfessionals episodes!
I succeeded.
This fine evening is drawing to a close, with CONfessionals. I always need that kind of humour after a tough day 😅❤️
The fight in the beginning reminds me of myself trying to get through my high school corridors. It’s CRAY. Or I’m short. Either way it reminds me of it, due to how hectic it is lol.
Since joining Anime Unlocked on Facebook, my Japanese culture collection has grown! And I feel less embarassed about loving anime. Seeing Cherami, Cassandra, Bryce, Jon and many of the other talented artists, on Livestreams has also helped me feel better! I can’t wait until my first convention in June! I’m just so nervous.  #anime #unlocked #confessionals
The fighting scene made me like
Can we all agree that CONfessionals is one of the best?! It’s cute AND funny.
It’s #internationalwomensday ❤️. Here are some of the women who inspire me.
This is my actual mood. 😂❤️
Gotta hate Monday. 😹
I hope everyone’s enjoying their Saturday! I’m playing persona 5 (things have gotten um... interesting) and watching CONfessionals. ❤️ #confessionals #webseries #anime #unlocked #series #persona5
It’s snowing bad here, so college is cancelled. I guess it’s time to get more friends to watch CONfessionals. Muahaha. #anime #confessionals #voiceactor #unlocked #apps
I remember one of the MONfessionals videos, having a #horriblebosses reference. I found it hilarious. #confessionals #anime #unlocked