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sf project space/cloaca maxima, facilitating art reproduction and evacuation. 1460 davidson ave . call us when you are outside. 415 318-9640

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we’re here! come ovah! til 5pm with @sonja.gerdes and her alien talismans. 👾🔵
cloaca will be in nyc next weekend. what’s good? 🌃🐀🐀🥂⚫️
We here til 5pm today with @sonja.gerdes "Pie of trouble..." Come through! 🔵🔷⚪️
running a bit late. but we will be  here until 5:30 to make up for it. *image from the first iteration of the “pie of trouble...” that @sonja.gerdes did in la , @thepitla in 2014.come through and see the evolution of the series. 💙🔵👾
We are open 12-5pm today. ‘Pie of Trouble’ @sonja.gerdes solo show
@sonja.gerdes  Pie of Trouble  RN➡️9pm
Thanks @kqed and @sahotchkiss for the write up! 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥see you Saturday 6-9pm
@sonja.gerdes install happening! Opening this Saturday 6-9pm 👾👾👾👾👾👾👾
soft opening. we are still fixing some holes. but take a gander. link in bio.⚫️⚫️
Get ready for our next show by @sonja.gerdes 🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌍🌍 Stay tuned for detail
putting the matt savitsky/bran(...)pos performance back up here cos apparently one of our followers is offended by the human body. sigh.
“For over twenty years, Jake Rodriguez has kept San Francisco’s noise scene alive and humming on the energy of his own random whims. In a post-Ghost Ship world, we need him more than ever.” read more about jake (bran(...)pos) performing this saturday with matt savitsky @cloaca_projects, here: https://www.thebaycitybeacon.com/culture/crazy-ideas-going-crazy-bran-pos-and-the-noise-that/article_aa87a928-d966-11e7-9aa2-0b9e62d75b45.html @baycitybeacon #untitledartfair #sanfrancisco
don’t miss next saturday, jan13th, 8-10pm: “Savitsky's work probes ideas about gender, the body, and intimacy, while constructing theatrical environments. This performance at ⚫️Cloaca Projects⚫️ is a continuation of his ongoing project, 'Mid City Angels', last shown at @shootthelobster la, where performance and sculpture based methods are combined to dramatize his relationship with materials, symbols, and a rotation of collaborators. Through a live session, in collaboration with bay area sound artist  bran (...) pos, Savitsky will explore his interest in defining the absent figure; creating form out of absence.” @mintymedia #untitledartfair #sanfrancisco