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Christopher Batt


Las Vegas, NV. Pretend photographer, traveler, & outdoor lover with a day job. Pics taken by me, unless otherwise noted. Nikon D810, F4s, & iPhone.

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Yesterday was my first real hike of the year. I hit the fire wave trail, met up with the white dome trail and did a giant 3.5 mile loop carrying my camera gear, 100oz of water, food, etc. About 45lbs, While I didn’t need to carry so much for such a short hike, I just needed to start getting used to carrying the weight. I am feeling it today though. I didn’t take many photo’s because the trails were crowded, but I did manage to take a couple and experiment a little.
Some money was spent today.... #goodlordthatsalottamoney #photo #photography #gear #gearporn #leefilters #leefiltersystem
Going through a magazine and I see a cool picture and think to myself “I want to go there”, then I remembered I already went there………..
I am pretty sure someone was murdered out here…… #creepypasta
Graffiti Bridge, Route 66. The local high school paints murals on the walls.
I love this tree. I always have to stop and admire it when I am around…….. Finding a composition is hard because there is so much stuff behind and around that it makes it hard for the tree to stand out and also lighting can be hard because its in a narrow canyon. I am not sure about this. This is one I am going to have to chew on for a while…..
Took me 2 years but I finally got my shot last night. I always thought this was a cool section of road. I made a couple of attempts but never could make it work. Last night all the pieces were in place so I tried again. Blue hour, rain storm, wet road, and a car leaving the park….. I think it worked out.
I didn’t really need filters because Lightroom does a good job with replicating them, especially the grad. But software has its limitations and doesn’t replicate the smoothing of water and clouds during long exposures. Also filters are expensive and I just have other priorities. I did pick up a @hoyafilterusa ProND filter just to try it out on my Nikon 28-300mm and the results are not good. Again, filters are expensive but so is my time. Looks like the Lee Filters SW150 will be my next investment as I need something to work on my 14-24mm…… #photo #photography #uhohhh
Low tech way to keep water off my lens..... #photography #photo #dodgers #lifehacks
Abandoned garage, Route 66
Abandoned service station, Route 66
Water Tower at Barstow - Daggett Airport. Built in 1933, it is the oldest of the six airports operated by San Bernardino County. While the airport is still in service, there were a few abandoned homes on the property. I didn’t explore much because I didn’t want to run into and deal with any squatters.
Looking for abandoned places on my Route 66 drive between Barstow and Kingman.
The interesting things I come across on Route 66 #dontsteponsnek
Not the only photographer who has been here..... #photo #photography #california #route66 #photographer #photographers
Not the best photo, but every time I go to DC, it’s always early in the year and overcast….. #cherryblossom #washingtondc #travel #travelphoto #travelphotography #photo #photography #chasinglight
Had to wait till the end of February before it started to feel like winter….
Me now when I walk through a Peter Lik gallery after the moonlit dream debacle. Nothing wrong with composites, art is art, but if you have a reputation for work being all in camera then you gotta be honest and upfront when it’s not. #photo #photography #fake #fakenews #art #fineart #composite #moonlitdreams #peterlik
Decided to give it a try. Instagram is the only social media platform I use, even though the app, it’s algorithms, and feed in non chronological order frustrates me. I wish I can be more engaged with the people I follow but most of the time I don’t even see your posts due to ads, sponsored content, etc. I heard about Vero and decided to give them a try. I read their manifesto and it was good. Their manifesto reads: "The feed is composed of your posts and the posts of people you're either connected with or people you follow. We don't curate it, manipulate it, insert advertising in it, or hold back posts. You see what has been shared with you, when it's been shared with you. You won’t have to pay to 'boost your post', or 'reach your audience.'" #vero #photo #photography #socialmedia #social #keepingintouch #photographer #tools