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Chloe Bennet


Mostly asian, always hungry. Also, I play Daisy Johnson on Marvels Agents of Shield.

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Late night unibrow contemplation.
SEASON 3 bts: 1. Clark and I as actual infants. 2. It smelled reallll bad on set that day for some reason, we were hiding from the smell via garbage bin?3. Just two random male models. 4. Secret Fucking warriors! 5. Budget cuts. 6. Causal shot of daisy getting her blood drawn by bad guys, which I feel like happens too often. 7. Me listening to sad music before shooting Lincoln’s death scene, but don’t worry, still vain enough to randomly take a pic of myself crying?? 8. Henry literally dead ass asleep while sitting with better posture than I have while awake. #shield100
Spending #internationalwomensday with the best of the best. @phenomenal.ly
SEASON 2 random bts shots. 1. 50 real acupuncture needles, two real (small) sheets. 2. Harnessed while on top of a mountain, cause duh. 3. Ruth Negga, damn girl your face is spikey. 4. THE MOST WINDY DAY EVER WE ALL ALMOST BLEW AWAY. 5. First dinner with daddy-O (@kyle_maclachlan ) 6. Luke making dying look good af. 7. Lauren and Madison! Our trusty stand ins! 8. Shaybird trying to win Arthur’s love, he’s SUPER into it. #shield100 #agentsofshield
Season 1 random behind the scenes pics. #shield100  1. Patton’s (first) death scene 2. Lil and E shooting T. R. A. C. K. S. 🚂3. Me before hair and make up. 4 Mo & Jed taking a ride in Lola. 5. Lola getting the hollywood treatment outside Staples Center. 6. Ice cream with my boys Clark and our dear Bill Paxton R.I.P sweet Bill. And 7. B camera crew up to noooo good.
I have so many videos of me singing Taylor Swift as a dog. The fuck am I doing with my life.
What a stone cold pack of weirdos. Golly gee I love them so. #agentsofshield is back tonight. And our new baby angel @dovecameron makes her debut! ⚡️⚡️
A lamb and a chicken just soarin’ and a livin’ like a couple of noodles going to prom. @soniayoungstyle #fbf #kimchop
Just found this in my notes. Glad my priorities are in tip top shape. (This is from 6 months ago) EDIT: this was a positive note. Literally nothing is more perfect than a Kelly Clarkson Sax album.
I look ten thousand times more psycho as a blonde. ⚡️ (@dovecameron I stole your stunt wig)
Suited up. HAIR @clarissanya MAKE UP @kiranasrat STYLE @soniayoungstyle 🖤
#shield100 #agentsofshield
Our show has ALWAYS honestly represented women. Not because strong female characters “are like totally in right now” but because it’s truthful and it’s real. These women are inspiring in every sense of the word. On and off camera... They are intelligent, charismatic, hilarious, KIND, fierce, thoughtful, empathetic, diverse, they are flawed and they are perfect all at the same time. Thank you to our leader @motancharoen for bringing this tribe of women together. Iv learned so much over 100 episodes from each of you. MO- Your resilience can only be matched by your incredible kindness. MING- your lighthearted spirit and humor is unlike anyone Iv ever met. LIL- you are so genuinely thoughtful and empathetic towards everyone around you, you are pure light! NAT- you have a fire in your soul that will change world. 🖤 I LOVE YOU ALL 🖤To the young ladies reading this: Find your tribe. Find a group of women to be inspired by, to be challenged by, to take care of each other, to LAUGH with, to learn from. Here’s to powerful women, may we know them, may we raise them, may we BE THEM. #shield100
The most RANDOM bts videos from this season of #agentsofshield — guaranteed to make you dumber. Cause what am I even doing in most of these?...But enjoy! @clarkgregg
An actual peach flavored angel chicken with the best dance moves in all the land.
Yesterday’s Valentine look/pizza delivery look. (The two always go hand in hand, duh)— Thanks to my glam babies for all of the things. Love youuu @soniayoungstyle @kiranasrat @clarissanya @painted_lolly 💕💕🍕🍕
I brought Jimmy a pizza with our faces on it. Cause it’s Valentine’s Day, and that’s normal.. @jimmykimmel
HAPPY VALENTINES DAY from me, waffle and my polo that I bought from the men’s section at Target. Ps- I’ll be on @jimmykimmel tonight, so tune innnn. 💕
A new series called - in between scenes we bother everyone on set by lip syncing #hamilton all day. If this isn’t the best minute and thirty seven seconds of your life, then what is ya know?? @jjward12