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Bushwick Street Cats


Helping community cats through TNR in Bushwick, BKNY. Adoption events every Sunday 1-5 at 447 Graham Ave in Williamsburg!

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Phinneas, acting head of the #backyardcolony (when Annie isn't looking), hasn't been himself lately. This was further proved when we took him inside, he barely put up a fight. He saw the vet last night, who discovered a ferociously rotten tooth. Now yanked, we're hoping it helps him feel better. We're awaiting bloodwork to find out if anything else is wrong with him. Meanwhile he'll be sequestered in our bathroom, much to his chagrin. #bushwickcats
Update: Humans found! We interrupt our regularly scheduled catcast: Does anybody recognize this dog? She was wandering around Eldert St @ Bushwick Ave this evening. Help us find her people! #founddog #bushwick #brooklyn #nyc #lostdog
Looks like a #caturday pile has formed on the patio #backyardcolony #tnr #feralcat
It's been one year since Lucy was adopted! Lucy was the FIRST cat we ever took in, back in 2007. She was a 6-month old kitten; she popped out a litter of kittens soon after we brought her inside. That started us down our journey to becoming BSC. Lucy was with us through it all, but we always felt she needed more attention than we could give with all the other cats constantly running through our place.  A potential adopter contacted us, looking for a senior cat to adopt. Lucy took to him right away. We brought her over and she made herself right at home. A year later and she's still loving it there, getting ALL the attention!  We're so happy that Lucy gets to live such a wonderful life now. Adopt a senior cat! #catsofbushwick #seniorcatsrock #adoptdontshop
One of our proudest achievements in the last year was getting a cat we named Jefferson off the street and into a home. As if that wasn't good enough his adopters (who knew him back when he was outside) also adopted Blink, a kitten who lost an eye. They're now on Instagram! Follow @jeffandblink and follow Jefferson's story from living in a cardboard box to a wonderful home! #catsofbushwick #catsofastoria #streetcatnomore
Pam is another mom-and-kitten set we're helping this #kittenseason. She has 5 babies, one week old yesterday. So far they're all doing well, way over their goal weight for their age. #mommacat #catsofbushwick
A rare shot of Precious the momma cat. She's resolutely feral and will be returned to her back yard (spayed and vaccinated of course) when she's done nursing her kittens. #kittenseason2018 #feralcat
It's a #bushwickkittenparty! Not to be confused with a @bushwickkittenparty
Another day, another mom-and-kitten crate setup. Thanks to @hglastris for holding this little family until the kitten can be on his own. This is the fourth feral mom we've been involved with in the past month. #kittenseason2018 is no joke folks. Get TNR certified; spay and neuter a street cat or two PLEASE. #tnr #bushwickcats
The kittens are finally big enough for this door-hangy cat-treey thing!
The weather sucks so here's kittens for your Monday morning #kittentherapy #kittensseason2018
Foster needed! A friend who has been doing TNR in Crown Heights took in a very sick little kitten and nursed her back to health. Pelusa is now a vibrant 6-month old girl, but her energy is stressing out her older cat who has lymphoma. Please let us know if you're interested in fostering!  #fosteringsaveslives #catsofcrownheights
Some of the cats we fixed today with @whiskers_agogo and @northbrooklyncats #spayday #aspcanyc
Despite our attempts at hospitality, Elvis did not enjoy his stay. He says he won't be returning. #zerostars #tnr #eartip #feralcat #bushwickcats
The other night one of the cats was playing with what looked like a toy mouse. It was in fact a big mat from Hester! She's making her own cat toys! Anyway now that it's getting warmer we can plan to trap her to get the rest of her mats taken care of. #floofqueen #matqueen #backyardcolony #feralcat #bushwickcats
Visiting Leon fka Krogus, at home on his throne. He looks younger every time I see him! #happytails #streetcatnomore
Check out our #kittencam! There's a feral momma and a few bottle babies who recently graduated to solid food. We'll be streaming every day for a while. Link in bio. #kittensofbushwick