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Boston's Forgotten Felines


Nonprofit rescue in Boston MA. We are a small group of volunteers, we feed and care for ferals; rescue the cats who have been abandoned + rehome them.

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Happy Earth Day! ♥️🐶🐺♥️ #truth  #bffcatrescue
Our Warriors Rock!! They spent part of their Saturday picking up trash at one of our feeding sites. Trash that we didn't put there. Thank YOU FCWs!! Left to right: Cheryl, Lynne, Bradley and Donna. Not photographed is Anne Marie.  @bubbles_skubic @cherylfitz60
Remember this boy we trapped while looking for one of our FCWs cats Neely? Well GREAT NEWS Bear AKA Brody is home with his family after 2 months of being gone!! ♥️ It is SO important to not only call local shelters BUT to also get fliers up IMMEDIATELY when your animal goes missing! That way you have the whole neighborhood looking for your missing pet.  Anyway WE ARE SO HAPPY Bear (Brody) is home. ♥️
Hungry cats!! They are hardly ever all here at the same time. We could not feed and care for as many feral cats as we do if it weren't for the generous donations. THANK YOU ALL who help! "#ittakesavillage #feralcatwarriorsneeded #voiceofthevoiceless #volunteersneeded #boston #massachusetts #commonwealth #spayneuteradopt #spayneuter #adoptdontshop #petsforlife #petsarefamily #nomoresnow #catlover #feralcatlife #needsaname #noname #pleasestopabandoningyourcats #illegal #fine #colonies #feralcolonies
Meet Feral Cat Warrior (volunteer) Molly @molly0x57 and BFF alum, silly Max! Molly was feeding stray and feral cats even before she came to us, one of them being our Coconut. ♥️ You always know a good and kind person when they do that. Molly has also fostered several BFF cats, Ted(now Hank), Albert, Trouble/Otto, Lenny and Ruby (now Molly). #fosteringsaveslives and is a lifeline between cats on the streets and fur-ever homes. Molly is truly a wonderful and PAWSOME FCW and we just know Max as well as the other BFF fosters think so too! Thank you for EVERYTHING you do Molly! ♥️🐺 #bffcatrescue #aprilisnationalvolunteermonth #nationalvolunteermonth #volunteers #volunteersneeded #thankyou #appreciated #bfffamily #feralcatwarriorsneeded #volunteersneeded #betheirvoice #bethechange #boston #massachusetts institute #massachusetts institute
We would like to continue and celebrate our volunteers as April is National Volunteer Month. This is Stephanie. Shs has already been a HUGE assett and so fun to have around since she began volunteering for us about 2 months ago! We are so lucky to have her! Thank you FCW Stephanie! "I feed because it is an easy and important way to help the feral and abandoned cats of Boston and BFF.  Feeding cats may seem like a small way to help but, not only can more cats be fed, it also frees up additional time for BFF to devote to their mission of controlling the feral & abandoned population through education and TNR.  BFF also provides medical care, fostering and adoption. BFF is an amazing group of people who volunteer their time and resources & I’m happy I can help out in any way I can!" -Feral Cat Warrior Stephanie  #bffcatrescue #bfffamily #feedersneeded #feralcatwarriors #ittakesavillage #bethechange #betheirvoice #feralcats #straycats #cats #catsofinstagram #instacats #boston #massachusetts #commowealth #volunteersneeded #family #nationalvolunteermonth
Ronnie – Available for Adoption  A sweet tortie kitten alert! Ronnie was rescued from the streets and is very happy to be out of the cold. Ronnie was clueless at first on what kittens do but is just now learning how to play with the toys in her foster home. Bird watching is a favorite past time so she would appreciate a home with a view. She is good with the other kitties in the foster home, just keeps to herself for the most part.  Ronnie is approximately 6 months old, spayed, negative for FeLV and FIV, and up-to-date on all her shots. If you are interested in meeting her, contact Boston's Forgotten Felines on Facebook or at catadoptions@bostonsforgottenfelines.org!  Photo Credit: FCW Cheryl F.  #cats_of_instagram #cats #boston #massachusetts #commonwealth #stopabandoningyourcatsbostonplease #ittakesavillage #volunteersneeded #feralcatwarriors #fostersneeded #fosterswanted #fosteringsaveslives❤️🐶 #boston #massachusetts #commonwealth #spayneuter #straycats #felines #adoptdontshop #torties #spayneuteradopt
"Many have been asking about feral Possum and her babies.  After giving birth foster mom Annie found 2 kittens all alone away from Possum and called me saying she thought they were dead. Maybe I should have just left it at that but I told her to grab them and warm them up I was on my way. One didn't make it but one did. She named him Lazarus. Then 2 more. We started bottle feeding. I knew there was no way I could take on 3 new babies. Kim K. had a nursing mother and I brought them to her right away late at night. Poor little Lazarus just didn't get the whole process of suckling on the mother so started bottle feeding him. She got up every 2 hours to feed him but unfortunately he just wasnt strong enough and he died.  The other 2 continued to nurse and Kim continued feeding in between waking every 2 hours. One baby got a herniated umbilical cord and Kim rushed them to her Vet who advised her to keep them separate from the mother and start tube feeding them.  We sent her a snuggle pet and warming disc. They were all snuggled up and warm and Kim and her husband took turns getting up and feeding them every few hours. She had to work so she took the babies to work with her in a warming pouch sweatshirt and cared for them all day. They were eating fine but not gaining weight. As soon as they ate it came right out. Off to emergency at Tufts. I met her there.  As Kim wrote,"They can't maintain their body temperature so the formula is just sitting in their gut and growing bacteria  which might be moving thru their bodies. She got some antibiotics to try to head off that possibility. She did what she could to keep them warm as possible. The vet gave us the "hope for the best but prepare for the worse" speech. Kim said, "we're not going down without a fight though and if it does go bad they'll go being snuggled and loved"So very sad to say one passed that night and the other the next day.I am so very heartbroken for Kim. Rescue people know how attached we get within the
We are heartbroken for our dear friend @preppyfrancophile and her true love Oliver Purrbox who she had to put to sleep. Lots of ♥️ and hugs to you Jen. Please know you are in our hearts and thoughts.  #repost @preppyfrancophile (@get_repost) ・・・ Goodbye, to my truest sweetest love, Oliver Purrbox.  You were the cat that I dreamed of my entire life before I adopted you.  You are the only constant that I have had in my home for the last 14.5 years.  I will miss your rumbling purrs, your snorting with joy when eating seafood, your ability to comfort me when I am sad, your rolling around on the patio in the sun, your funny way of dipping your paws in the water dish, and everything else about you, except for you pooping and occasionally peeing where you weren’t supposed to.  I wish that we had more time, but it was your time to go and meet your brother, Billy Ray Valentine, at the Rainbow Bridge.  I will never love anything the way that I loved you, my first cat.  If anyone wishes to honor Ollie’s memory, I beg you to consider adopting a senior or medical needs pet.  And, please, be with them when it’s their time.  Don’t let them go without you being there.  #heartbroken💔
One of the 7 month old cats that we trapped the other day had to be released (TNRd) back to her colony. If only we had known about her and others much earlier! PLEASE PLEASE if anyone sees kittens out there, let someone in rescue, someone with experience know about them. "Had to release this girl back out  tonight. After she was spayed and updated on her shots I  kept her for a few days to see if she can be socialized . Because she was born outside and is now 7 months old it becomes tough for these older kittens to be socialized. I wish I knew there were kittens in this yard months ago so they could have been caught  and eventully adopted out to a nice home.  Rain and Bow who also was released tonight will be fed daily, they have shelter in the yard and most importantly they will never have kittens.  There are still more older kittens and adult cats at this site that need to be trapped so they also can get spayed/nuetered. There are so many more sites where cats need to be trapped. It never ends!!" -FCW Lynne  #allanimalsmatter #betheirvoice #bethechange #ittakesavillage #feralcatwarriorsneeded #voiceofthevoiceless #volunteersneeded #boston #massachusetts #commonwealth #spayneuteradopt #spayneuter #adoptdontshop #petsforlife #petsarefamily #nomoresnow #catlover #feralcatlife #pleasestopabandoningyourcats #illegal #fine #colonies #feralcolony #rescue #spayneuter #tnr
Our beautiful girl Star is still waiting for her fur-ever home! ♥️🐺♥️ If interested in adopting, please fill out an adoption application at the link below: http://www.bostonsforgottenfelines.org/application