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Chris Bishop


Artist & Illustrator (acrylic, vectors, ink, digital). PBS/PBS KIDS Senior Creative Director. Eagle Scout.

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Snake Place! Which one is better? 🐍💀
She and the Bee
Mask of _________. Help me think of a name for this in the comments!
Tyus Battle accumulated 17 points to secure the Syracuse Orange's placement in the "Sweet Sixteen". #cusemode
Do it again. You guys liking this kind of weirdness?
Be like this.
Working on a thing for some nice folks.
Bird skull.
Girl plus arrow plus always draw a bird 💀👩🏹
Back to drawing girls and daggers again. Feels nice to use black 😎 #tattooflash #tattoo #tattooart
Day 27 & 28: Minotaur and Summoner's Bell #dungeondrawingdudes Time to put this thing to bed. It's been a fun month of dungeon drawings, dudes.
How to draw a treacherous ledge. #dungeondrawingdudes
Day 26: Treacherous Ledge #dungeondrawingdudes I realize we are deep into March and I am still catching up. Hope you are enjoying these. This one was fun, the idea changed directions mid-draw from a ledge for you to fall off to a ledge for things to fall on to you. 😎
Day 25: Cursed Altar #dungeondrawingdudes
New stuff for sale: bishopia.etsy.com
Day 24: Ornate Tobacco Box & Pipe #dungeondrawingdudes
A Bishop in the wild! Thanks @tonycartoonish! A heck of an artist with great taste 😉 ・・・ I'm now the proud owner of an @bishopia original drawing. Thought I would also post this in celebration of the start of March of Robots. #marchofrobots #marchofrobots2018 #sketchbookpro #autodesksketchbook #instaart #instaartist #igart #starwars #c3po #r2d2 #bb8 #astromech #droid #protocoldroid #android #robot #scifi #syfy #sciencefiction
A prototype. Original 4 x 4 inch ink and marker in tiny pizza box. Still needs lid art. You likey?
Day 23: Seasoned Gnomish Warrior #dungeondrawingdudes Includes attack bee homie.
Day 22: Dank Dungeon Map #dungeondrawingdudes And please check out Dankie's Pub now open in the newly renovated rear dungeon. Trivia Monday nights. Serving food soon.
Day 21: Bejeweled Serpent Idol #dungeondrawingdudes. This one was fun. I have no idea what it is but it was fun 😎