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Making Cannabis an Acceptable and Everyday Part of Healing Humanity.

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The future of cannabis is looking bright... It's something that's always on my mind, and I'm excited to be at the forefront of such a life-changing industry. That said, comment one way how the future of #cannabis will benefit you.
Sunday Vibes... What's on your agenda for the day?
Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Stay green. 😉
I'm currently reading John Hart's new supernatural thriller, "The Hush." Let me tell you, this book is INTENSE. John’s storytelling skills suck you so deep into the book that you won’t know what hit you... It truly keeps you flippin’ through pages. . If you enjoy a great piece of fiction, visit the link in my bio and check out John's new book. . @jackthepayne @bagels_payne
Tag a friend that enjoys a good #dab.
Full relaxation of both mind and body... what #cannabis outcomes are you searching for? . . . . #cannabisculture #growyourown #ogkush #medicalmarijuana #420life #budporn
An extraordinary scientist who didn't let adversity shape who he became, Stephen Hawking is truly an inspiration and his legacy will live on for decades. You will be missed, but never forgotten.
What a person thinks, they become. That said, it's important to curb your unreasonable negative thoughts to unleash your true potential. So tell me, what are you going to become?
Finish this sentence: good vibes and #cannabis go together like... . . . #bigmike #cannabiscommunity #medicalmarijuana #cannabisculture #420life #prerolls #legalizeit
I see what you did there...
This bud is truly a gift from God... #godsgift is a hybrid between #granddaddypurple and #ogkush. With potent yields, this strain provides great relief for pain and stress. That said, what outcomes are you looking for when you consume #cannabis?
Here’s the thing, #entrepreneurship is not easy, but it's worth every second of hard work. That said, if you could start any business today, what would it be?
Happy International Women’s Day. Tag the women you’re celebrating today.
We all have that friend...
Do you struggle with willpower? . Most people do. . The reason is most people go about it the wrong way. . My good friend from Genius Network, Ben Hardy, just released his new book, "Will Power Doesn't Work.” . He breaks down the meaning of productivity and how you can maximize your potential. This is a must-read. . Completing this book is a reward in itself... However, Ben is teaming up with the founder of Genius Network, Joe Polish to give away his Tesla to the person that best applies the methodologies from this book to their lives. . Whether you're trying to succeed in entrepreneurship, fitness, or just building a bigger better you, this book is full of gold nuggets. . Check out the link in my bio NOW to get your book and participate in the "Better You Best" competition.
This #sativa strain was started in Sonoma County. It boasts sweet tropical flavors with a woody undertone. This bud provides an energetic and creative #high so don't be fooled by its name 😉What #strain do you think this is?
I really enjoyed my time at The Elton John AIDS Foundation Oscar Party last night. Let me tell you, it's amazing to see such an influential person dedicate his time and effort to end the AIDS epidemic. Watching others give back inspires me to work harder because philanthropy is a large part of who I am. This is why I've dedicated my life to #cannabis. I understand its many benefits and how it can help patients cope with AIDS, cancer, and other major diseases. . @eltonjohn, I'm grateful for everything you've done as both a revolutionary musician and philanthropist. You're an inspiration to us all.
The winners of the #420 Oscars are in... Check out the video and let me know what categories we should add for next year.
Get creative with it 👊 . . . . #bigmike #cannabiscommunity #sativa #prerolls #legalizeit #cannabisculture
It was a great honor to be featured as one of @hightimesmagazine top 100 most influential people in #cannabis. Take a look at the video to get a glimpse of a great evening.
It’s an honor to be selected as one of @hightimesmagazine top 100 most influential people in #cannabis. When I look back to where we were and how far we’ve come, we have fought a tremendous fight. That said, the toughest fight is right before the end. Our community is gettingend stronger by the day, and I’m excited for what’s to come.