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Archibald Theodore


Archie 🐾 🐩: Cavoodle 🎂: November '17 🌏: Brisbane, AUS ❤️: Snacks, belly rubs and naps.

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Tfw you realise your haircut has turned into more of a bowl cut than the pic you showed the hairdresser.
Archie had his first groom today, but unfortunately he was too squirmish to trim, well, anything. 🙅
How beds are meant to be used right?
Suprise attack
Look Archie, everything the light touches is our kingdom. 🏞️🌄🦁
Archie is growing up so quick...already on his P Plates. #getawaydriver
Already loving brunch dates. 🥞🥓🍳
Tfw when the treats are just out of your reach... 😞
Face of an angel? Or face of a a puppy who had diarrhoea all morning because he ate to many flowers last night? 🌷🌱🌿
The 'I'm waiting for treats' face.
When there is a tail you can't quite catch. #headingforatailspin
Those bangs need a trim. #enteringtheteenageemophase
Dreaming of shoes (to chew, not wear) 😴👞👠👢 #bestpillowinthehouse
Starting a petition for the doggy paddle to be in the next Olympics. You know I'll get gold 🎖️
looking for talent 🌊
Good morning 🌄 #sleepyeyes #whoneedsalarmclocks #sundaymorning
Am I turtlely enough for the turtle club? #masterofdisguise #ninjaturtles
wet hair, don't care. #aslongasthepawsarentwet
Look back at it.
Rainy days = cosy naps. 😴🌧️
He protec, he attac but most importantly he snac