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Huge Anna Kendrick Fan


Mahoosive Anna fan 💜 Love her, love Britt!! Bechloe 💜 Pitch perfect 💛 Pitch perfect 2 💛

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Love 💜 Everyone loves a good bhloe 😊
My current state! 😢 #annamakesmestrong
I'm heartbroken 😢 💔 The only thing stopping the tears free falling is Anna #iwillgetthroughthis #breakupssuck #7yearsgone
My heart & prayers go out to all those in Paris.  My friend has recently moved there and i hadn't heard anything from her until about an hour ago! I'm so relieved she's ok! #prayforparis
I love her cute little half smile 😊💜
Know this pic has been up loads but, its how i currently feel 😫 Literally been at work since 9am and only just got back in! Ugh, 11 hour shift!!! Back in 9hrs for another 10 hour shift! 😫😞 May as well be #upallnight #loveanna #tired #ugh
Good morning 😊💜
Sooo tired 😫 Night night, sleep tight! Let Anna bite and then snuggle her tight 😁💜
Going for an up do this weekend when i go out!! Soooo stealing Anna's look, what do you think? #hairambitions 💜
WOWSER!!!!! Hot stuff 😝😵 Her body is to die for. Literally drooling here! 😍💜
Thanks for the 200 followers you awesome nerds 😚😘💜
Goodnight you awesome nerds! Totes love you all 😘💜 #sweetdreams #awesomenerds
Stunning, beautiful, sexy, gorgeous, cute, adorable!😍💜
Ok, so this is me. Thought I'd say hey 😊 Don't normally post pics of me butttttt i feel comfortable around you, so.... #donthateonme #newhat #loveyouawesomenerds
Sunday afternoons are meant for lying in bed and watching movies......movies with Anna in 😊 I'm watching #thelastfiveyears 💜
I know this isn't Anna, Britt or pp related but It's remembrance day weekend here in the UK. Laying our wreaths and wearing our poppies to pay our respect! We all do including the Queen and royal family!  At the going down of the sun and in the morning we will remember them.  #lestweforget #wearyourpoppywithpride
Everytime i see Anna I'll never get over just how beautiful she is! 😍 It never gets old 💜
Sorry know this isn't Anna or Britt related butttt this is my tattoo design, I've drawn it on to see what it looks like 😊 What do you think? It will be red & on my other wrist 😁 #thanksinadvanced
I'm getting a new tattoo at the end of the month 😊 #cantwait But, do you think its weird that I'm thinking about getting a ladybug like Britts? Is it fan gone to far!? 😩 What do you think? 💜