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Alfred Karlsen


🐶 Every dogs best friend 💻 Physiotherapist & Entrepreneur 🌟 Founder Canine Massage Program ⬇️New webinars coming shortly!⬇️

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👱🏻‍♀️🐾🐕💨👰🏼 If you’re persistent, you’ll probably get to feel the love of a good woman. • If you’re good, you might feel the love of a dog. • Be good!
I remember when I first started getting the hang of obedience training. I had been struggling up and down, running left and right trying to consume as much wisdom as I could from anyone with more experience than me. • I was a hot mess, guys! People mean well (at least most do), but I had been failing so miserably that I felt like someone was keeping the secret from me. What was it?! Have you ever felt that way? Like you want to do right, but it just doesn’t turn out like you want? • When I decided to stick with my closest mentors, and give Jenni my natural swag.... Everything changed! My early mentors are g’s! 🤘 People who are so confident, they pass it on just by being around you. • I always had this belief (and I still do)  that “I can do that, because I’m Alfred”. Kinda like Pippi Longstocking. I could go talk that hot girl, or step up to that bigger guy, and it turns out I could, would and still do. • When I got that mentality into my game plan, the way we interacted with our dogs at home become a lot more fun and with a few secret moves, Jenni started to listen to my every command. She was so happy to be lead, and not being a leader. • I started thinking about this today, because I was walking my dogs when this lady with a boxer lost her shit in a million ways when we passed her on the street. Her dog went bananas, and she got so angry.  Like, imagine if some dude came over and spit on you for no reason...! That would be annoying, right? Well, she lost it and that poor dog just got worse. I didn’t stop because this was just a little too much, but Jenni and Kira..... Too little Divas, unaffected by the two morons at the other side of the street. I could help her, but sometimes you just gotta set an example for others to see. • A sneak peak behind the real secrets to having balanced dogs isn’t just how much effort you put into training your dog. It is 90% about Y O U, and how Y O U feel. Own the street, be a boss, feel great and see
5 years ago I took this picture, and it has been on every phone I’ve had since then. • My little boy was sick that morning, and he through up a lot. He had a fever and I stayed home with him. My girls took turns serving as a pillow for him throughout the whole day, and that day cemented my faith in my dogs and their 100% natural goodness. You can’t fake this kinda commitment! • So as he felt better and started to move around the house again, my son would drive some cars and have dinosaurs fight each other like most 2 year olds do. And then It got so quiet you could probably hear a ladybug fart, which gives every parent severe discomfort because you K N O W someone has done something. • I turn the corner and I find these lovable guys just looking at themselves in the mirror. He stayed with the girls for a good 30 minutes before he got back to playing, and then he asked; “Daddy, how come Kira and Jenni took away my sickness...?” Can you imagine how pure and angelic that question was? He totally floored me with that one, and with my kindest voice I told him; “Because they love you so much that they can make every hurtful moment a little better.” • Ever since that day, I’ve seen my boys curl up next to the girls when they feel they need some comfort, and today I found my oldest boy curled up with Kira in his bed. He asked me; “Do I make Kira feel better when she isn’t feeling good, daddy?” I answered “yes” and left them alone. I could hear him talking to her with a gentle voice, and so my heart grew just a little bit more. • I swear... Earning the love of a loyal dog is one of mans greatest accomplishments. Not even joking. I’m probably like 6.000 times better as a person because of my dogs, and my kids.... Wow, my kids are thriving with our fur babies! • They say you can’t buy love... They are wrong. Buy a puppy or pay the fee to adopt a dog and you have just purchased the love of a lifetime!
S Q U A D • N A P P I N G I caught these little, rockstars in the middle of some Zzzzz’s today. 😴 My heart grew probably to an unhealthy size, but it felt pretty good! • But to the point! I have received some retarded comments and DM’s about me being irresponsible as a parent by trusting my dogs too much with my kids.... • I’m kinda a douche when it comes to idiots, so I literally just block and move on. I don’t spend time trying to get validation from someone who I have never met. One guy even made a second account J U S T to send me a second message! 🤦🏼‍♂️😂 To me, that is just way off base... I mean. Come on! If someone spew out some nonsense, do they expect an apology from me?! Man, some people are just not wired correctly... • And to be honest, my dogs are never alone with my kids. I’m always in the next room or very close by. We have rules and boundaries for both our kids and our dogs, so everyone is well taken care off. I am well aware of the power that lives in our dogs, and the P R I D E that burns inside me when I see how great my kids are with our girls makes me feel accomplished when I snap pictures like this. • The old saying “If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all” is still very valid to me, because I like feeling good. It’s just that simple. I’m never going to make someone change their ways by commenting something rude on someone’s picture, so I don’t. That doesn’t mean that I don’t care! I’m mortified by some of the things I see on the gram that people think is cute. Video of small dogs growling at their owner... Not cute. Parents laughing at their kids trying to ride their dogs like a pony... Not cute. Letting a small child stick her finger in a dogs Ass...?! WTF?! Or even worse, letting kids follow and annoy dogs that get up and leave...?! In all honesty, idiotic videos go viral every day. • My job is to be happy. I can’t be happy if I let morons get to
Kira: “Sharing is Caring, Bro...” My son: “....... What?” 😂
This is Kira. My loyal sidekick. We came into this world to raise a little havoc, and so we keep doing that. 😉 Have an amazing weekend, friends!
I got a kiss today! 😘 Did you...?
⭐️ How to help someone who does not want help, without being an asshole⭐️ • I swear on my mama’s grave, that a lot of people should never ever ever get a dog. But there are a lot of people who are trying, but do not know which foot to set in front first. These people are often ashamed of their dog, not knowing that they are the root of the problems. Often they don’t want help either, because it’s embarrassing. • Today I met a guy like this while I was out with my youngest Superstar and my two dogs. This guy had a dog that just launched at us with full force and my dogs didn’t even flinch. His dog barked up a storm, and damn near tore the man over. I figured this dude could probably need a helping hand over a rude (but fair comment), so I sat my dogs down and went over and helped the guy out. My son sat on his snowracer and just enjoyed the show. • I didn’t let him speak that much, because that requires him to put on a mask and kind off defend his dog. I rather told him how to help his dog, and that he needs some help because this dog is obviously not receiving the correct communication through his handler. • I told him to give me his number (did not ask) and I sent him the contact info to the very best dog trainer I know. I told him that she would be welcoming him with open arms. At the end, he thanked me for being so cool about him having no clue about what he was doing. It was like he just found a major solution to a huge problem that he did not have the resources to figure out himself. Mind you, I know manipulation like this can seem offensive to some people. Not letting them speak too much, and giving clear instructions is something you mostly find in the army, but in this case it serves a purpose. Being real, and getting the guy some results. • My son thought nothing of it, the guy walked happily along and his dog was now chill again, and I felt good about helping someone out for no reason at all. How do you guys react when this
🐣 E A S T E R 🐣 Outdoors all day today too! The girls are happy and tired, my kids are sitting quietly and drawing right now and I’m pretty content myself. 😊 • We didn’t get to go anywhere this Easter, but who needs to leave when this is what we have 5 minutes away from our house?! Hope you guys get to enjoy some sweet days off with your loved ones as well!
🙌 P A R E N T I N G • S O L V E D 👊 Just joking, guys! 😂 Anyway... Easter 🐣 is here, and my kids are so happy about family time. No school or kindergarten - just our little Circus enjoying each other’s company. • We’re not going away this time, so I’m super happy that we live in a place where we can spend all day outside. My kids are definitely boys. 💪 They’re kinda ruff, act tuff and they have energy levels through the roof! So for me, the source to good parenting is to explore the outside. Our kids are happy, our dogs get to spend all day with us, and they are all easy to please. • Now, I’m off to the store to buy some snacks for the week! 😉 What are your plans this waster?
🐕 C H A N G E 🐩 This pic is a Throwback to when my youngest was just a little nugget, but for the first time in a long while I’ll speak against most common beliefs. • Why can’t your dog walk in front of you? “Because it is disrespectful!” “Because he or she will think he is the boss!” “Because they’re supposed to walk by your side” • I strongly disagree with a lot of dog trainers on this, and because I actually know my shit, some evolve into rationality. There is nothing wrong with your dog walking in front of you on or off a leash, as long as they do not pull on the lead, or disobeys your commands. • “But wolves always travel with the  Alpha in charge” • Ok let’s challenge that too! Wolves who walk in snow travel in line with the alpha in front, either male or female, to make the tracks for the rest of the pack! It makes traveling easier. If there is no snow, they walk relatively closely to each other, but no alpha loses their mind if someone is in front. • We do work with our dogs, and my dogs will walk next to me or behind me depending on what I say. I like that bond, but if your dog prefers to walk in front of you, but doesn’t pull on the leash - it’s not disrespectful at all. It’s a sign of feeling safe! Pulling is disrespectful. Walking in front is not. • Unfortunately, there are a lot of dog parents who feel that they’re doing something wrong when they can’t get their dog to walk next to them. I also see some of these “Gurus” having so many rules for the walk that my mind is just blown by how complicated some people make this! • Your dog is supposed to listen to you. Exercise them well, and do obedience training regularly. If you struggle to get it right, get help by someone good. Problem solved. Don’t pick the guy who dominates their dog! Pick the fun guy who has great dogs with lots of life that also obeys commands! • I’ll stop this rant now, but it felt good gettin’ it out! I want to know
❤️B I R T H D A Y • G I R L❤️ It’s been 9 loving years with this little lady by my side. When my kids were born,  she was there to comfort them and give them kisses. When Kira got hurt the first time (out of many), she was there to comfort hand protect her. When my mother had an anurism, she felt the difference in her energy and she reduced her excitement when she came to visit. She went from 💯 % zoonoses, and stepped it down to a happy wigglebutt. 😊 When my mom passed away, she was the one that made sure my spirit stayed on point for the rest of my fam. • This little angel has meant more to me and my transition into fatherhood, than all human interaction ever have. The love I feel for my dogs is the reason why I turned into a pretty mellow dude. • If I knew how much love there is in being a dog parent, I would have dropped university and just bought a dog. Money is always attainable, but true, pure, untainted and innocent love is so damn special, I wish every good person on this planet will have the opportunity to fall in love with a dog at least once! • How do you celebrate your dogs birthday? Here, we went skiing, brought treats and chill with their favorite bones to chew on. 🎉🐕🎉
⭐️*Do Good - Make Enemies*👊 • So my main goal for 2018 is to be better at the little things. Helping people. Even if it’s just a little of my time, or some money in my pocket. For the most of the time, it’s been really rewarding but yesterday I blew up on and old fart. 😆 • So here’s what happened. I was walking up a flight of stairs when I saw this old fella struggling up the stairs. I tapped him on the shoulder and was going to ask if I could give him a hand, but he was not having any of that! 🤦🏼‍♂️😂 I was on the receiving end of all the profanity that old fucker knew, so I ended it with “HEY! 😡 Don’t run up@the rest of the stairs... 😂” • So the moral of the story is.... I need to tell someone to fuck off every once in a while, and then skiing with my dogs is therapeutic as all hell afterwards. • How would you react if some old fart was rude to you?
🐕💨 Here we go! 🐕💨 So I’ve been doing CrossFit for about a year. 6 months of that year was just a mess because of a torn Achilles’ tendon, but that passed and we’ve moved on. • Truth is, my soul is bleeding whenever we do excruciating workouts.... I lift heavy shit pretty well, but I suck giant donkey balls when it comes to conditioning! I swear, it takes a ton of willpower to go through the workouts that I’m not any good at... • And then I leave the house with my girls, and they put the joy back in working hard! I love them for loving me, and loving to be outdoors with me even though I can’t keep up with them for shit! Everything is so lighthearted around these angles ❤️ • Gotta say though.... Doing the workI dislike has made these trips with the girls longer and more enjoyable! We’re truly blessed this winter with extraordinary conditions! • Out of curiosity... What kind of work out do you do? Comment below! 👇👇👇
Yesterday the Captain of @teamfloppyears and @balanced.dog.training gave me a shoutout in his stories, because of our common passion for dogs. • While my buddy in SoCal is enjoying tank tops and flip flops, we’re enjoying the snow up here in Norway. Our dogs thrive when we let them work, but the difference in our daily lives makes for extraordinary learning opportunities. • If you are following me because of Chad’s shout out; Thank you! I look forwards to getting to know you guys! If you’ve been following me for a minute and want to take part in rescuing dogs, sprinkled with a little bit of humor and lots of awesome advice, go follow @teamfloppyears and @balanced.dog.training right now. • I’m curious, how are you draining by your dogs for excess energy? Comment below! 👇👇👇 _____________________________________________________________
☃️❄️🐕💨 👑P L A Y • H A R D E R👑 Today was a one of those exceptionally good days. One of these days where my clients were all cool, traffic was fine and my girls were playful! Gotta love days like these! Hope your day was good too! _____________________________________________________________
A R E • Y O U • C H I L L I N G • Sometimes weak individuals will come at you sideways. Sometimes when you help someone out of their own mess, they will try to elevate their own self worth by pulling you down. This is a symptom of being a weak, little and insecure sorry excuse of a fucking turd 💩 • One of my big things this year, is giving without an agenda of getting anything in return. The egoistic reason for that is because your mind rewards you with oxytocin for selfless acts. BUT! Mistaking kindness for weakness..... Oh...... • 10 years ago, the story would have a different ending but now - I just don’t care enough about someone trying to pull me down after helping him UP. I cut the ties, and move on! • My GF thinks I’m way too strict when it comes to excluding people from my life, but in all honesty - there is enough awesome people to mingle with, so if I chose to exclude someone because of their behavior, I do that with no remorse. • I’m not shy of conflicts. I treasure honesty, and honesty gets uncomfortable sometimes. But that discomfort either builds relationships, or character. The spoils of spending time with turds in only a higher tolerance for shit. I can’t say I see that as a good deal. • Therefor, I beg of you who read this. If someone is a constant hair in your soup of joy... Or a pimple on your booty... Or basically not giving off any positive vibes at all.... Tell them to kindly get their shit and go. It feels good! Trust me on this one. • So that’s my little rant about how to deal with idiots. It’s not fun, but keeping the right company feels SO much better! And I get to go home and chill like Kira in the picture! • I wish him well, but not in my house! How du you deal with obnoxious behavior? Tell me in the comments!
✨C O O L • S T O R Y✨ One of my big things this year is to be better at the little stuff. Just being a more like able guy. So today I was out walking the dogs, and I met this lady with a little terrier that would not shut up. She was obviously very ashamed and I thought “Cool, let’s make her smile”. • So I said “Walk with us, and you will see your dog will relax in no time”. She was not expecting that at all, and judging by the look on her face I would say she calculated the possibility if I was an axe murderer or possibly hitting on her... 😂 Anyways, she came with us and I just gave her Jenni’s leash and took her dogs leash to walk next to Kira. Dog was super happy! No stress, no barking, no pulling. Just there. Satisfied that someone took charge. • So to make it awkward, she told me that I was very different and she did not expect me to be the one helping her out... It was weird, but ok... I’ve heard worse! Then she asked me why I did it... I answered “I like seeing happy people with happy dogs. You guys weren’t, so I figured I’d spread some joy.” Now, I still don’t know her name, and she hasn’t asked me for mine... • She probably thinks I’m kind of a weird dude, but when we went our separate ways, her dog behaved like a little gentleman. And her whole attitude around her dog was completely different. She doesn’t know who I am, and I probably won’t see her again as I have never met her before, but today was a really good day for me. Weird or not, I don’t care. I feel good, and she did really well with her dog too. • Hope you all have had an awesome day as well!