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Pre-Vet Med | Writer | Veteran | Mental Health Advocate | Avid Animal Petter #LifeOverExistence @_s.kat

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Helianthus stem, also known as the sunflower (my favorite)🌻
That view.
My cheek cells are so strong, beautiful, and always ready to help me stuff my face. Visible nuclei and cell membranes due to methylene blue dye. 😍
Student living becomes easier with the right support and endless furry snugs🌻 #thecheetohman
Baby dinosaurs πŸ¦–
Even delicate things can have great strength. 🌻 #lifeoverexistence
Hiked a mountain; gonna go eat 2 lbs of hummus to keep up with the stereotype we are livin.
My instagram is really just pictures of my dog. #thetyty
The goodest, good boy a dogg-o mom could ask for. #thetyty
Best Friends 🐾 #thetyty
My Valentine ♥️
Laminaria: genus of 31 species of brown algae or “kelp” found mostly in the northern Atlantic and northern Pacific Oceans. Laminaria is a main source for iodine, which is crucial to proper thyroid function. It is also rich in iron and potassium. Other common uses include: weight loss, high blood pressure, laxative, radiation sickness, dilate cervix to induce labor, reduce heartburn, and potential use in absorbing heavy metals from wastewater. The first picture is from my microscope at 400x total magnification; the last 2 photos are for reference. 🌱🌊
Let me in, human. #thecheetohman
Mesmerized by every brush stroke of your creation. No view ever stood a chance;  I’d never see the sunset’s colors behind you or another’s presence beside you,  for as long as you gift me your love. β–«οΈβž–β–«οΈβž–β–«οΈβž–β–«οΈβž–β–«οΈβž–β–«οΈβž–β–«οΈ #girlfriendspam #dontcare #complementarybarfbagsavailableupmybutt
Our circumstances are not our destination. Once I stopped viewing my disadvantages as reasons for failure but reasons to succeed, my entire outlook on life changed. Use those hardships to fuel your determination. β–«οΈβž–β–«οΈβž–β–«οΈβž–β–«οΈβž–β–«οΈβž–β–«οΈβž–β–«οΈβž– Jane Goodall once said, “When I look back over my life it’s almost as if there was a plan laid out for me--from the little girl who was so passionate about animals who longed to go to Africa and whose family couldn’t afford to put her through college. Everyone laughed at my dreams. I was supposed to be a secretary...” β–«οΈβž–β–«οΈβž–β–«οΈβž–β–«οΈβž–β–«οΈβž–β–«οΈβž–β–«οΈβž– Write down your dreams, goals, and passions and work on them πŸ‘πŸΌ every πŸ‘πŸΌ damn πŸ‘πŸΌ day. When you see others doing the same, BUILD them up. You aren’t in competition with anyone but yourself from yesterday. Ya feel me? #lifeoverexistence
Woke up to my loves.  Happy Birthday, sweet girl. 31 looks so good on you. You are a gift.
Celebrating Jessie’s 31st🌻  Peep #2 where Karen and I look like more of a couple πŸ’πŸ»‍♀️
I have shed so much. Each day, I am learning, growing, finding contentment but never settling, loving relentlessly, nurturing peace, starving negativity and toxicity, choosing quality over quantity, remembering self care physically and mentally, giving gratitude... To my fellow ladies, fighting the fight of existence: Keep going, love bugs. 🐞 ✨27 feels so right✨ #lifeoverexistence
Kittens and video games are the quickest way to my heart. Feat: Cheetoh 😻 #thecheetohman
I just submitted a collegiate level essay about my dog. πŸ™€ Fight me. (more specifically how canine companions benefit veterans with PTSD). In all seriousness, I would not have gotten through the hardest times in my life with out this nug. He has been my constant—and he does it all without ever expecting anything in return. I love him; so here is a picture of him in my hoodie when it got cold. #thetyty #maindude #bonesandhoes #lifeoverexistence